A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 14th

We only have time for a quick report now... Our man Fabian Cancellara looks like he's gonna out sprint everyone going up the false flat finish in the tour today!

The Usual total numbers out tonight but the short ride had low attendance. 17-25 guys. The long ride was up at about 45-55 guys. Awesome.

Chris C had a solo early gap for the early streets off rt 10 as everyone was cautious about the worsening road conditions on Mount Sanford. It was all together then until the Mountain rd little grinder hill where Joe K just pedaled away from the front and stayed out to Cornwall. Impressive. A lot of the bubble boys and mike McG pulled him back.

It was fast all the way to the turn around in Southington where Little t made the right at the light 1st just edging out Joe K.

The pace back to into Cheshire was respectable. Little T made the S&S sprint 1st just passing Chris C. Little T kept going after the hill ended and made it thru a light by the town hall and started on the solo effort. The rest of the field got caught up at 3 lights in Cheshire and interviews with Little T at the end proved that he made the rt 10 break red light free, no stops. So hats off to T for the hat trick tonight.

In the group finish behind little t was a cervelo guy in a skin suit, guido, then dillon