A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 12th

The ride route relocates to Northern Belgium so that the weather can be deemed “pretty good”

More rain and cool temps today forced the ride down to about 25-30 riders. Everyone was feeling very lovey dovey and let the Stop n Shop crew take a tinkle at 6:01 without booking off in abandonment. Right off route 10 young Kyle F lit a match and took off down the road. The front of the ride hesitated, watched and that let him get down the road and outta sight. Late on Brooksvale, Chris C jumped off the front in pursuit and was joined a bit later by Eric M and Time trial Pete Johnson. Good to see Pete out there mixing it up. A traffic pause at a corner slowed the lead group down a bit and then Hunter P dragged the field up to them pretty quickly on Mount Sanford. Coming onto Mountain road there was still no sight of Kyle F. Turns out he had met up with Rondo, who had snuck off right outta the Sleeping Giant parking lot and was up the road. The two were working together and had a gap that kept them out of sight until mid way thru Mountain rd.

As the field turned onto Mountain, Mike McG and Hunter P looked ready to attack at the front but just ended up setting tempo for everyone else. Once past the hills and when it all came together, a bunch of guys were rotating well and putting out a decent, if not a little slow, pace up till Route 68\70. There was some “talk” from a Stage 1 rider to Guido… Something about Guido’s pulls and how meatless “turkey” bratwurst is a complete waste of money. We say leave Guido alone…. Its obvious he doesn’t enjoy riding with people unless you are his 30 second man and he is putting your bike in an ass vortex.

Onto Moss farms where there was a couple of hard to recognize riders (Ciocci? CT Coast Ben? Jeff Weaver?) punching it early along with the Medics. The pace picked up as the Youngster Josh from Fiordifrutta who is not so young anymore came up to the front and got things going. Peter P looked to be the first thru the chicane, and the pace was respectable heading into the industrial park. Tho once there some sloppy riding opened up a gap to a trio, Mike McG, Rondo and another rider (Ciocci ?). Guys like Chris C, Todd, H and Thomas B(speckled) worked to sew things up. Some traffic in the corner to West Johnson slowed everyone down and it was all together for the push up to Reinhard. Chris Butler moved up to the front and then rolled off alone with 2 chasing him…. Chris C and another ??? Chris was riding off and away from the chasers and everyone else when Hunter P jumped hard from the field and bridged up to him just as the road went up before the corner. The 2 worked for a bit to hold a gap but lasers were set to kill in the field behind. Mike McG, Eric M and a rider on a Cerevelo with mudflaps worked to bring everyone back together. That led to a small group of about 9 being ready to pounce on the hill up Rienhard. Mike McG started the sprint at the base and took Eric M along him. Maison from CCR was there, Ciocci, Crazy Chris, Julio etc… Mike gave it up at the end and Eric rolled thru the corner first. Eric kept it going on the backside tho and Hunter P pressed go on the go button as well. But some strong efforts from Thomas B(speckled) and young Josh got it all back together as the ride was getting onto Peck Lane. Josh kept the pace up along with Chris B and a couple of others. Seemed like everyone was getting pretty gassed as it slowed down moving toward route 10.

Rondo, Peter P, Eric M and others took charge of the front on the hill going past Cheshire park. A red light at Maple slowed the run into town down and once things got rolling toward Stop n Shop it was pretty much single file. Julio L jumped early on the hill and got the better of everyone. Maison jumped too but could close the gap to the Jumping Bean.

A couple of lights in town allowed a few guys to re-connect with the ride and things got going decently once out of Cheshire. Peter P used the start off the last light at Cook Hill to move off the front just a bit. Hunter P once again jumped up, bridged the gap and took along the rider on the Cerevelo. The 3 worked up a bit of a gap with the Cerevelo doing a crap load of work and making it hard for everyone else. Eventually the field would catch up and that led to a pretty good showdown with a kilo to go. Rondo, Eric M, Mike McG, Josh, Todd H, Guido, Kyle F etc…. Lots of guys wanting to stand up but knowing better…. In the end Mike McG got the best of everyone, Guido was right there as well.