A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 18th

The Sleeping Giant Ride…. Safer than training alone!

A lean and mean crowd out tonight.. Maybe 45-50 guys and a couple of girls too.

The ride got off to slow start but that lasted about 2 blocks as Old Man Josh Gewirtz came up to the front breathing fire and brimstone. He tried to get a gap on a couple of occasions… Guido, Hunter P, Mike McG, Brian K, Eric M, and a couple of others were up there at different times to help out. Nothing doing on the breaks tho and a lot of traffic turning onto Mountain Rd slowed things way down. There was another gap going up Mountain as Old Josh, Chris MaHoney, Jay Pearlman on a Parlee, Ken just Ken, and the Non Kiwi rider in black hit it hard. Things got strung out, but it stayed together.

Yalie Adam was the only one to make it thru the light at route 68, and all reports have him not being heard of again as he didn’t wait.

*Apparetnly, Tall John and Chris C had been off the front. Attacking everyone in the only spot that could allow them to get away, on route 10, right around Wentworth's, 30 seconds into the ride. Whether or not that counts as a true breakaway is your call. General consensus is that it is not. Save those bullets for when it counts boys....

The pace down Moss Farms was respectable as Thomaas B got involved as well as TriGuy with Knee highs. Chris Mahoney was up there as well. Crap nearly happened as a nice big golden retriver nearly got away from his owner in order to run into everyone. That woulda sucked.

No one really attacked going thru the chicane and then the hill after. The pace was crisp though and a small group formed after the hill. Mike McG, Guido, Old Josh and others with a 30 yard gap. Crazy Chris and Todd H kept the speed up in the pack and brought it back within 300 meters though. Mike McG stayed up front and was drillling it past the industrial park and to route 322. Good to see Rondo arrange his busy schedule to stay on the long loop tonight. He stayed on probably cause Chris C was no where to be found.

The trip down Mount Vernon Rd was fast… Again Old Josh and Not a Kiwi were up there. Guido got involved and gaps would form briefly. On the long riser where the strong guys can turn the screws on the weaker guys, there was some activity… Though not enough to spring anyone. On the next small riser Hunter P shot off and was joined by Guido. The two weren’t given any room though and were brought back with a kilometer. As soon as those two were caught, Mike McG attacked and took a new rider, New Haven Jacinto (on a Duratec) with him. The 2 worked a small gap heading onto Welch as guys behind started realizing that Little t wasn’t around. Cha-Ching Cha-Ching as dollar symbols flashed up in everyone’s eyes and it was game on for the sprint. Meanwhile Mike had left Jacinto on the Duratank behind and was calmly beginning the long assualt of Welch Rd. Chris B then shot up the left side, as expected, and took along Hunter P with him. Those 2 quickly left the front of the group, now being led by Not a Kiwi and Ciocci along with a couple of others. Guido responded to the surge, sensing Mike McG would not have the gap needed. Guido took along Joe K and Julio L. Chris pulled away from Hunter ( or he let a gap open to make Guido chase ) just as Mike was killing the thottle. Chris was caught by Guido just as the hill kicked and although Guido gave it a good sprint after chasing for 300-400 meters, Joe K was just sitting there ready to jump around him and was able to with room to spare. Good team work from the CCR guys to get to the corner first.

It has been decided though that for the remaining long loop weeks ( 2 or 3 max? ) that the reported winner of the sprint needs to get to the very top of the hill first… The top of the hill past the corner… Call it to the light at Spring St. This should make things interesting and create a chance for a true sprint. Let’s hope Little T gets over his fever and is back in the protection of the fold next week.

The rest of the ride into Cheshire was uneventful. Old Josh and Jacinto were up there along with Mike McG and Rondo setting tempo on Atwater and Canal St. Then on Peck ln. going up toward Sandbank Josh G was back at it, trying to find guys willing to drill it. Once back onto Route 10 the speed dropped probably cause of the head wind. That didn’t stop John Gregory and Not a Kiwi from setting a good tempo going up past Cheshire Park. Heading to Stop n Shop, the speed went up again as guys were getting ready for round 2. Julio L was not to be beated this time, riding away from the rest…. Jay Parlee, Ciocci, Thomaas B, Ken just Ken, Peter K etc…

Heading into the finale, Todd H hit the front with too far to go. Hutner P followed with still too long way to go. That led to a gap opening that Julio L and Guido closed in hurry once the end was in logical sight. Guido was able to come around Julio at the end….
This report may undergo a couple of changes as reports start filling in Wednesday morning.

Good ride….