A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 10th

Good ride....
Joe K or JoshyG gets most aggressive rider of the night???

OK first off, Hunter, Dillon, Matt, Gregg, Chris.... Whoever is usually responsible for bringing you the drivel you are used to reading are taking a week off and they have let me fill in.....

Who am I??? Just call me Anon the A-Hole...... I usually am at the ride, usually near the front, and usually pretty tired of the crap the so-called "strong guys" fling around and pass off for impressive riding..... Usually mind you, not always.

So instead of writing this like a bunch of menstruating teenage cheerleaders are reading it, i'm gonna re cap the ride like a real man would. Sorry if it pisses you off.... At least the recapping of noteworthy, actually strong riding wont take much of your precious time.

The ride started pretty slow, which was fine. It cant be gang banging from the gun every week.

Ciocci and some Stage one guys got things going without sweating too much. Guido also was going the same old hard one speed as he usually does. But mostly the ride wasn’t that fast. There was a couple Tri guys at the front even on Mountain Rd ( !? )

From there the only thing recounting is the 3 or 4 attacks put in by Joe K. That dude knows how to punish himself.... Mike Mcg would chase down one, I'm pretty sure Chris C would chase down another ( his only semi-remarkable feat this week ). Basically Joe K was the only one trying to do anything until Joshy G came up and started hammering. If Joe K knows how to punish himself, Josh knows how to rape himself. He drove the pace just for the sake of making the pace hard, most of night. He got things going on Moss Farms, on Mount Vernon rd, Peck ln, etc...

The most interesting section of the night of course came at the turnaround sprint, which mind you is pretty freakin hard to be a part of. Yea yea Little T this Little T that poop poop brain surgeon that he is is always the favorite coming into this section. This week was cool cause he had nothing on the guys who made this sprint a contest.

First off, on Welch, Joe K attacked when everyone else was looking to recover and follow wheels. A+ !!! He was followed by a couple of guys who were feeling like they were worth it. Hacker, Thomas B I think and a couple of others. It seemed like he turned it off when he knew he would just be dragging all the sissys up. That's when Joshy took over, attacking like a man possessed by Nero himself. Josh took a group of 4 or 5 up the road, 400 meters before the corner to West St. Props to those who went with him, but don't get your panties in a bunch over your big balls.... Josh still worked us all over good like when he dropped the rest with a surge after the corner. The rest off the peleton was closing in and collected all the guys that were off the front with Josh. Mike McG and Chris B did a ok job of dragging it together but no one was catching Josh, not even Little T who maybe was counting on the early attack to all come back. Despite the usual attempts to keep any gaps on the downhills that followed the sprint, it was all together cause of that damn light by the Hardford insurance company... No worries, cause everyone ( even I ) was reaching back for some aspirin after the sprint tore things apart. ( Zing!.... a drug reference! I crossed the one line I shouldnt have! )

The ride when back to boring as it often does for the ride back into Cheshire.

For the Stop n Shop sprint, everyone was looking to Little T to get revenge. Josh G wouldnt go down without a fight and for this, he gets most aggressive of the night. He attacked off the front again with about 750 meters to the sprint and nearly got it. Little T was paying more attention this time and was able to pass Josh before the top of the hill with Hacker and Hunter P getting first losers behind Little T.

In my mind that's where the ride ends, cause of all the newbs and the silly sprinting rules that usually come along with the final 3 miles of the ride.

Random props:
That guy in the dark kit from New Zealand - He was near the front a lot tonight, seemingly riding hard for the sake of riding hard and not to score some dumb sprint points.

The CCB guys - These guys seem to turn on\off the 11tooth like it's a spigot. All the while never saying a word or enjoying any friends out there. Don't worry guys, I didnt get invited to Crazy Chris' dumb party either :(

Check to see if they still have a pulse please:
Julio L ( didnt he win the national championships of Guyana or something a while back? )

Rondo too!

Editor's note:

One of the CCBer's took the final prize on the night, out riding a small group of the usual guys who are left by the fast run into Hamden.

Good ride! Thanks for everyone being a good sport with Anon's write-up. One or maybe 2 more weeks of the long loop?