A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 14th

Get out the GoPro's, 250 gram tubulars and your best socks... The Sleeping Giant Ride is back!

2012 kicked off last night with about 35-45 riders & in proper Tuesday Night World's fashion, the ride had a tail wind as it went North. Everyone was happy to be out, but the absence of Peter K's glistening, chiseled, embro soaked legs was definitely felt. Get well soon Pete...... We'll be looking out for you on the road soon.

     Right off route 10, the trouble makers for the night stood up. Chris C, Joe K started it off, which rolled into a good push off the front by MoMoney and Hunter P. After that, as the ride got close to Mountain road, Tall John, Jacinto, a rider from BlackTie Sports, DJ Dan, and a CVC rider hit the front. Joe K and Hunter P would keep it close as they negotiated the gap but after the initial sections of Mountain it was all coming back together. DJ Dan kept on the gas along with a Yalie in dark colors ( Nick G? ) and that shot off another group. Jacinto, Chris C, Little T and 2 others, making a strong group of 6 or so flying down Mountain. Rondo tried to get across but pulled back. Hunter P made the jump across and went to work in the group but it was all brought back by the red light on route 68. The group rolled the dice with the light but came up empty. Green light = gone for the night no doubt this time.
     On Moss Farms, everyone took a moment to recollect. Heading into the Chicane, DJ Dan started up again near the front, which got everyone's attention, including the 2 hot chicks that were on the ride (nice job ladies). That surge turned into Chris C, The dark Yalie, Hunter P and Jacinto off the front shortly after the corner for Marion . The foursome punched it toward the industrial park and was clear, rotating well and sharing the workload all the way to halfway up West Johnson. The peleton, led by Mike McG, Tall John, BlackTie, etc brought it back just before the hill started to bite. Antonio D and Black Tie got a dig in to clear the group as the ride turned onto Reinhard. Little T punched it for the sprint and was clear, despite a long chase by Joe K, who had the best look at the sprint besides T.
     On the backside, it all came back. The headwind took its toll on the group on Peck and onto Route 10. Speed stayed low all the way to the lead in to the Stop a Shop sprint, where there were a bunch of guys up front to drive it. DJ Dan, MoMoney, Tall John ( ? ) and others, causing Little T to push for the front. Mike McG was already there and punched it first, and nearly lead-out Little T to the line, In the last 20 meters Little T was able to come around for sprint point #2 on the season.
     The rest of the ride was pretty sedate, as the group had to deal with lots of red lights and the headwind. For the finale, after a killer kilometer leadout by Cheshire Cycle's newest future Cancellara, Owen Fowler, Jacinto, dark yalie, Mike McG, and Little T were in the best spot to finish it up. Mike McG gets a bit of revenge, as he out punches the Yalie to the final corner. There were a couple of guys to finish it off like men, up the hill. MoMoney, Dennis-head-up-Display and one or 2 others.
     Good ride everyone!