A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 16th

Generational gaps? Traffic light adherence? Don't need em.

      The started a little slow this week as Guido had radio'd ahead to let us know he got a flat a mile from the parking lot. Everyone was cool with waiting and that led to a leisurely pace once it got going. Dillon P and Antonio from CCR led everyone thru the initial back road sections and it started to get going once onto MOuntain road. Sorry to see the new rider (
Justin Neuman ) get hit with a flat on North Brooksvale. That section is a widow maker.
     Yahor from CCB and Guido got things going on the second step up on Mountain Rd. Special Ed and Jordan Lynn, the SG ride's newest Cat 3, followed that up and then Chris C and Hunter P had a dig. Hacker VQ Rob and Mike McG were up there as well and the rest of mountain rd was quick with that core group rotating thru. 
      Hacker looked antsy as the light on Route 68 turned green and sure nuff, he, a CVC rider ( Mike Sernyak ) and Hunter P took off right away. The trio worked up a small gap as Larry M and Jelle Snoop were bridging up. The CVC rider dropped back, making it 4 going into the chicane. All four would work up front and Larry had his work cut out for him as he was on his CX bike. Meanwhile the peleton held back at 10 seconds or so. Jordan Lynn and Chris C led the field up and onto Marion and before everyone hit the industrial park, it was back together again. Chris C would attack again going over I84, this time taking Hunter P along. Jordan again responded and caught the 2, in the process bringing everyone up.
      The light on 322 was green, giving Hacker and Jacinto a chance to attack right away. Those 2 held that gap for a solid chunk of road, getting caught shortly after the turn onto Mount Vernon. Mike McG, VQ Rob, and Hacker were putting in solid work to bring it back. Then it was CCB and guido who attacked right after the catch. Jordan jumped on that one as well and the trio had a gap that never got far, but was still a real gap. That break would get caught on the false flat section. Hacker jumped strong from way back in the field as Mike McG was pulling everyone along. Hacker didnt make it out of the peleton's tractor beam and settled back in as Mike would eventually ride off the front by a few meters as no one took advantage of the bone crunching section. From there the rest of the trip down Mount Vernon was uneventful. French Casey took a flyer before the corner of Welch to try and goad some action into things but no one took the bait.
       Onto Welch, Special Ed, Guido, Hacker, Jacinto, Hacker and Jordan Lynn got an early gap and Jacinto buried himself to extend the gap. Guido took over but Snoop, Tri Doug and Hutner P were close and led the peleton back before the hill. A stopped car at the corner made it tough for the peleton to get thru, so only the first 5 or so ( Jordan, Specail Ed, Hunter P, Hacker and Jelle ) made it onto West St with any speed, and even then it wasnt very fast. Special Ed took control of the pacing for the rest of the way to the sprint. Hunter P jumped out and took it over a chasing Mike McG, who was closing in after freeing himself from the mess of the pack. After that a small group of 10 or so had a weird gap of about 40 meters but a red light brought it all back. Going back over I84, were red lights usually slow things down, green lights and a determined Special Ed ( ? ) drilled it on the riser there, putting lots of guys into the hurt. There was a gap to about 15 riders up front but as the road started downhill again, it came back together.
      From there it was quick up to the 322 crossing, with Gregg F, Jordan, BikeShopBob, Tri Doug and Chris C doing a lot of the work. Back onto Route 10 where Hacker led led everyone up the hill by Cheshire Park, followed by strong pulls from Guido, Todd H and Yahor. No real gaps though as the field was attentive. Coming off a green light, Hacker attacked hard. Larry M, Jelle, CXChris, Mike McG, Jacinto and Tri Doug where the only ones to respond. There was enough of a delay in the response so that the lead group would be the only ones with a chance at the sprint. Snoop and Jacinto went toe to toe for the Stop n Sprint, with Jacinto getting to the line first. The 2 kept up the pace as the peleton behind was slowed by 3 red lights in row. Yelle and Jacinto would be out of sight soon and they ended up riding away with it as the rest of the bunch begrudgingly, obeyed the red lights ( sort of ).
     For the final kilos, for the front of the peleton at least, props to Spencer from Yale, BikeShopBob, Dillon P, Tri Doug, French Casey, Hacker, Bikers Edge Owen, and Mike mcG as the ones setting the last good turns of speed. Up the hill Tri Doug took it over Dillon P and one other rider ( ? )