A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 3rd

There was nothing too exciting about this weeks ride. Just a bunch of ol bikers tryin to puttn on the hurt on each other.

Things started a bit weird with Chris B soft pedaling slightly off the front on Route 10. He was joined by French Casey, Hunter P, Guido and Hacker. That group turned off of route 10 with the peloton less then 15 yards behind. Once off of route 10 though it was game on, with Chris B and Guido sprinting and TT'ing for the first mile or so. Casey got involved and then Hacker and then Hunter P. The group rolled thru some late comers and picked up young Brian Suto from Bethel Cycle. Soon enough though, French Casey and Suto would get left behind, leaving the 4 to work together and extend their gap. They did and by the time the group got onto Mount Vernon Rd past 322, it was pretty evident that they would stay away at least till the turnaround. All four were working with Hacker taking the lead in making sure things stayed together and Guido of course mashing on the pedals and encouraging the most efficient pace\pull time\wind direction ratio's. Behind the chase was not very smooth, ranging from fast to unfriendly to downright amateurish. The usual strong guys ( Zanes, CVC, Chris C & Stage One ) were the ones making the pace high.

Upfront, the leading group hit the turnaround together with Hacker hitting the corner hard, making Hunter P chase and Guido getting slightly gapped. The 3 slowed once onto West St letting Guido claw back on. Chris B then rode a solid pace, letting Hunter P time a good jump and hold off Hacker for the sprint. The group stayed together for the backside. Behind, traffic messed things up for the main bunch and killed a good contest to the line for the Peloton.

There was a brutal head wind for the way home and that would def eat into the lead group's advantage. By the time the 4 crossed route 322 again the pack was in sight and right behind, although caught at the red light. That got things moving a little more efficiently upfront and the leading 4 were able to make it onto Route 10 still out of sight of the chasers. The leaders picked up some stragglers and got a little help in driving up the hill by Cheshire Park. But heading into the Stop n Shop sprint, they were all alone again and Hacker was able to get this one after a solid lead out by Hunter P failed to give Chris B the springboard he needed. Behind in the bunch, Eric M and Mike McG were going hard and puttin blood in everyone's spit.

The headwind continued to wreck the front, as Hacker rolled off after the sprint and put his head down to get back to homebase alone. Guido was having none of that and whipped everyone in shape, driving a brutal pace after all the lights in Cheshire to reconnect and close down the 500 meter gap. Guido got rewarded for the efforts ( Correction- Hacker gets it )

Behind, in the disorganized pack, Little T rolled thru the finish first.