A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 11th

The last ride of 2011

There was a stalwart group of about 25 out on the ride tonight. Right off route 10, Hunter P went on the first of a bunch of attacks. Joe K went with him this time and the 2 built up a good gap by the time they went over the crap road section. One street later, it was just Hunter out there alone and he hung on to a gap as the pack seemed content to bring back Joe K and then let the ride run its course. Hunter would eventually come back by the first risers on Mountain Rd. Then it was Special Ed, Little T and Justin Neuman and pushing the pace on the next set of risers. Chris "safety never takes a vacation" Crowle and Hunter P were left to sew up the short gap to that group. After that is was all together to the light on route 68.
    Hunter P and Little T looked ready to rock n roll for Moss Farms, but it ended up just being Hunter peeling off another training interval. This time Justin N bridged up and it was 2 up the road. They worked the short gap up a little more before Justin N packed it in, leaving Hunter out there. He got caught during the run into the chicane but was soon off the front again chasing Dillon P up the hill to Marion. Another interval that lasted a kilo or so and Hunter was caught before the corner to the industrial park.
    Everyone stayed together for a little while but then Special Ed, Gregg F and MoMoney rode off with no one really responding. Little T was late to jump on and got stuck in no mans land before sliding back to the peleton. The trio built up a gap and rolled onto West Johnson with 10 seconds or so. They kept on the hammer and the gap went up for a bit but as the risers dug in, they started to come back. It certainly didn't help that Special Ed had peeled off at some point, going straight instead of turning so that he could head home. Chris C, John Gregory, Eric M were keeping the pack close on the run in to Reinhard. Koski made a push to get across the gap and he was followed immediately by Jacinto and the Amity rider on a Trek. Mike McG was also up there and he ended up playing the familiar role of leadout for Little T. The leaders had fractured by now with only Justin N fighting to get the sprint. Little T got another win, going about 20-5 on the season for the midway point sprints. Eric M and Joe K put in digs but it T was never in danger of losing this one. He rolled down Peck ln and thru the construction zone all alone as the guys who were going to punch it next were sorting themselves out. Little T ended up being chased by Justin N, Joe K, Hunter P and MoMoney. It quickly turned into just Justin and Hunter as they passed Little T, each working hard going the rest of the way up Peck all alone. They would get caught shortly before route 10 as the field was being led by MoMoney, Koski, Chris C and Mike McG.
     It was all together going onto route 10 and with the increased traffic, it was an uneventful and kinda slow ride back to the center of Cheshire. Heading into the Stop n Sprint, Red lights, traffic and a flat tire coming from the front ( Dillon P ) slowed the action down. Jacinto still managed to get into a leading group, although there wasn't much of a gap. Little T jumped, this time with Mike McG trying to come around him. It ended up being a close gallop between Jactino and Little T, but T slid by and stayed there.
     From there the ride back into Hamden was decently quick. Extra traffic made it a but dicey at times. After rolling thru some utility work trucks in Hamden, Hunter P and MoMoney jumped to bring back Justin N, who had snuck off as the pack came up to the blinking lights. That made a trio off the front. They had a long way to go though and the pack brought them back a couple of minutes later. Just in time to square up for the final kick, which was crowded this time. Too dark to call, and no one is talking.

So that's it. 2011 in the books. It was very much a great year for the SG ride. Thanks to all the new faces that came out and made pretty much every week a little interesting. Thanks for reading. Thanks for your ever insightful anonymous comments. Thanks to the drivers of Cheshire who put up with our crappy road manners. We'll be sure to post news from the Sunday morning ride as it comes in. Everyone should try to make it out to Cheshire Cross, Nov 19th. Cheshire Park, route 10. Come have a beer in the woods, just like freshman year of high school. Heckle the dumb racers. Although we hear that Eric M will race, so you know its gotta be pretty cool. And the day will probably end with Little T going shirtless up against Crowle in some yard game duel.