A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 24th

It rained and poured but it didn't stop the usual troops from coming out for some bike practice.
    Right out of the parking lot, Tall John was eager to dry off, setting off in front of everyone during the neutral start. He took along Tall Dennis and a couple of Central Wheel riders and Nate from Amity. They set off with no one in particular from the bunch protesting. Soon after route 10, Rich Foley, Gregg F and Young Suto struck off the front in proper fashion and had as gap as they too were allowed to roll. They worked up a gap of about 30 seconds before it started tumbling down on the way to Mountain road. The peleton was being led by the usuals and a couple of flats ( Dillon P ) and the rain covered wet roads slowed the bunch down. The catch was eventually made on Mountain rd and everyone settled in and by the light at Route 68, even the early birds were back in the fold.
Hacker jumped up for Moss Farms and was joined by Jacinto. Todd H was the first to dig in and chase, keeping everyone close. Along the way, a couple of guys bridged up. Ciocci, The Sernyak(?) and one other. Behind Mike McG, Eric M and MoMoney were also up there lending a hand. The leaders came into the chicane with barely a gap and by the turn onto Marion, it was all together. The pace was solid to 322 from there. Again, a few guys went up to try to catch the light but it was red.
      On Mount Vernon things got a little messy. Guido rolled off the front to get things going and took along a few guys ( O'Shea, Nuemotion, Tri Doug, Hacker etc ). The front group disintegrated though with just Hacker and one other up front. Joe K powered off the peleton and got stuck in between until the false flat section where everyone was rounded up. Chris C tried to inflict some pain during and after the false flat, stretching the group out nearly single file. No one was in the attacking mood though and it stayed together. Guido would get to the front again and try to get something going, and he briefly had a gap with Chris C, Silent Steve, The Sernyak, and Thomaas B but everyone got wish to that when Hacker moved and thru to the group, tying it all together for the corner.
      On Welch, Tall John got things going with Chris C, Ciocci and Hacker responding. Tri Doug then kept things fast along with Todd H. The dash up the hill to the corner was slower then usual. Hunter P was the first to jump, getting into a narrow seam between a car and the corner. The peleton had to deal with a bit of a bottle neck and so that move was deemed a dickhead one but it served to get everyone riled up for the chase on West St. Soon a small group of guys was way off the front and chasing Hunter P down. Jacinto, Hacker, Eric M, Chris B, and Tall John. Eric M got the best jump in the sprint and came around Hunter P to take the sprint with Jacinto behind. Red lights on the backside brought everyone back together for the ride back into Cheshire.
     Tall John tried to ride away with Chris C on before the underpass, but there was enough guys paying attention to keep it together. The ride back onto Route 10 was unexciting. A good number of guys kept the pace high on Peck and Schoolhouse with no one getting any gaps. Ditto for the first sections of route 10. For the Stop n Shop sprint it was all Zane's up front. Mike McG set a terrific initial leadout, keeping the pace high and leaving the other sprinters fighting for wheels. Koski, and The Sernyak(?) where there as well leaving Eric M in a good spot for the sprint. Jacinto got onto Eric's wheel and those 2 duked it out to the very last meter with being a very close call for who got it.
     The whole group got an unusual amount of green lights thru Cheshire, which kept the loners connected with the bunch and the speeds high going back into Hamden. Props to Silent Steve for handing a flat tire at 30mph with grace and not causing mass destruction. For the finale, after Dillon P, Julio L and Tall Dennis laid out the final kilometer, a small group ( Guido, Nuemotion, Hacker, Eric M, O'Shea and Jacinto ) got free and fought for the corner. A certain Kelt was out of the saddle quite a bit tho so who knows who got this one fair and square. Up the hill, Hunter P, on the tail end of the squatting sprinters group, used the head start to keep out in front of a charging Chris B. Also present were Dillon P, Mountain Man, Tall Dennis, and Koski (!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!? )
       Good ride everyone... Cheers to all for braving the wet weather.