A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 26th

The return of the short loop (and the blog)
      The season is wrapping up but it was a great night to get in a solid ride. A few guys missed the memo on the time adjustment, as about seven guys met to leave for 6 PM. The group at 5:30 was 16-18 strong and Chris C led everyone down route 10 at a good clip. Early attacks came from Big Red, and then Hunter P got a small gap and blew thru a stop sign as the rest had to stop for an oncoming car. That led to a bigger gap and only Big Red was willing to bridge the gap. Those 2 held their break up to and through the light on route 68\70. They had to wait a bit, and the chase made it through the light, and it was together after that. Mike McG, Hoyle, and Chris C kept the pace high on Moss Farms and into the industrial park.
      It stayed together as everyone charged up to the sprint point. Big Red gave it a late push, which drew out Ben Bruce. Then Chris C pushed off the front. Mike McG got the sprint started but quickly gave way to Little T and Hunter P. Those two drag raced it out with Little T going over the top in the last handful of meters to take the points. On the downhill, Hunter P pressed on. Ben Bruce was in between the sprinters and the pack, but he stayed on the gas and bridged up to Hunter on Peck Lane. Those 2 went to work on building the gap up. The chase behind was slow to get going.
     Once everyone was on Route 10, the gap was coming down, but a light before the Stop n Sprint held up the chase, but the leaders got through. They didn't sprint but rather kept on the gas through Cheshire. There was more traffic in town, being 30 min sooner than usual. The pack got caught up at a couple lights, giving the leaders the breathing room to stay away for the rest of the ride.

Just a couple more weeks of this craziness! Don't miss out! 

Tuesday the 12th

Short loop at 6PM! Don't miss out on one of the last few rides of the season!

Tuesday the 5th

Chris C finally attacked

Tuesday the 27th

Storm Chaser Edition of the SG Ride

The threat of rain clouds didn't deter that many guys today. Still a good sized group out for the throwdown. This week was a little more orderly as well. A potential detour on South Brooksvale was faced with solidarity. Traffic at Route 68\70 and again at 322 was no big deal.

Between dances with the storm clouds, the usual guys were attacking the group. A couple more got involved, which is always good to see. Big Red, Hunter, Alan B, Chris C, and Little T. This week, Dillon P got involved on Moss Farms and Hacker was back in action, pushing the pace here and there.

Little T jumped way before the turnaround sprint, was eventually passed a ig group, from which Mike McG jumped clear for the points. Alan B had another good jump on the pack early on route 10. He would narrowly get caught again. Dillon P took the prize at the Stop n Shop sprint point.

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Tuesday the 20th

Chris Jones drops in so hey, we’ll let him take it away this week.

“It was great to be back at the Sleeping Giant Ride. You guys are still flying out there, making all the cars hate cyclists! Love it though! The long summer loop was great as well. So it down like this…
Not sure about the first moves of the night. I was laying low, getting warmed up and making sure I was going to be able to hang with the group. After about 3k, I moved to the front to find the CCNS dudes setting a good tempo, so I chipped where I could and maybe upped the ante a bit here and there. There was also a Yale rider (Big Red - SG Blog) that was riding strong. The Hartford Hospital team was solid as well.

The pace stayed pretty good on Mountain Rd, all those guys were not content to let the speed drop on the backsides of all the risers. The CCNS guys, Hunter and ? (Alan B) , traded attacks but none of the gaps stuck. I backed off where the old turning point was but was back at it going over Meriden / Waterbury Rd. Hunter attacked there but was brought back a bit later. The HH guys were chasing. Then the Yale rider and one other (Joe K) got a bit of a gap and Henk from HH pinned it back pretty much on his own. When the ride finally turned right, I could tell, and a few guys told me about the sprint coming up so I was just trying to keep it honest up front. All of a sudden there was no one willing to pull, which I figured meant the sprint must be at the next corner. Another HH guy (Chris C) jumped but there was a few guys on him right away. Everyone was still racing after the corner, going up the hill. A light was red, which slowed everyone down. Then all of a sudden living legend Michael McGinley jumped off the front to beat everyone to the top of the hill, but I’m told the sprint was off due to having to pass the cars. Be careful out there everyone. Save it for the races!
After that, it broke up a bit as some guys were still drilling it, looking to get a gap on gassed out riders. A couple of them got away (Big Red, Alan B, Hunter P) and rolled away as everyone else got caught out by a couple of lights. There was some grumbling in the pack about “cheating” which is hilarious. Seems like they wanted it a bit more than everyone else. The rest of the ride back was solid. Fun stuff. A few others got involved in the pace-setting and it calmed down a bit as well. I think we even obeyed a couple of traffic laws on the back south! The group broke up a bit by the time we got into Hamden. Great ride everyone!”

Thanks Chris! Keep up the awesome work at UHC. We know you’re a big reason why it’s the strongest domestic team in USA. Drop by the TWC anytime!
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Tuesday the 16th

Attack Chase Repeat

Hoot of a ride tonight! Most courageous rider goes to Ben Wolfe (oh wait).
    Ok the SG version goes to Alan B for attacking Eleventeen times today. A close second to Big Red, who attacked the field on nearly every section. Between those 2, there was plenty to keep Crowell pissed. Notable attacks came on early on (Henk, right away route 10). Mount Sanford (Hunter P, thanks to dodging cars). Then on Moss Farms (Alan B, with Kyle Crowell, Henk, and Hunter P chasing). Then a bit later on Moss Farms (Gibertoni). Then still later on Moss Farms (Big Red, Hunter P). Then past the chicane (Little T). Then on Marion (Alan B). Then going over the highway (Sernyak, Kyle and Hunter P chasing Alan). Then Mount Vernon (Sernyak, Henk and THE Tim Johnson). Later on Mount Vernon (Alan B). Even later on Mount Vernon (Hunter P with Big Red). There were probably others in there as well!
    By the time the ride got to the turnaround Crowell was foaming at the mouth over all the crap paceline riding. So enraged in fact was he, that he split the field in 2 leading up to the turnaround sprint, leaving  his sprinter Little T in the chase group. Chris C was chasing down Joe K, who had jumped off the front on Welch. By the sprint line Joe had done enough to hold off Nuemotion by mere inches.
    From there the aggression showed no sign of letting up. Alan B jumped off the front going downhill, and then again going over 84 along with Hunter P and Gibertoni. Those moves, combined with the fast run thru the sprint area, lead to a small group charging successfully away from the rest down West St. Rapha Anup, Sernyak, Ryan from Expo, Hunter P, Alan B, Big Red, Ben Bruce, Gibertoni, Chris C, Kyle C, Rusty and a couple of others made up the group. It got whittled down a little more going up the hill under the highway on Atwater St as Hunter P pushed the pace up front. It all came back together at the light on 322 though. After the light turned green a couple of riders went down (THE Tim Johnson?) but everyone was ok.
    Heading up to Peck Ln, another group rolled off the front, led by Sernyak, Big Red and Ben Bruce. That didn’t get too far but Alan B used the opportunity to push the pace coming up to Route 10. He would lead a group of about 7 up the hill by Cheshire Park. For a brief moment it looked like a split was happening but Ryan from Expo did a solid pull at the front of the chase to bring it back together. The run into the sprint was all CVC and Little T was able to take this time over Nuemotion.
From there, there was plenty of red lights to frustrate the tail end of the ride. Sernyak gets the final prize.

Awesome ride everyone!

Tuesday the 9th

3 Quarters Crowell Down This Week… 

    Right from the gun (turning off route 10) Chris C was in a hurry. Turns out he was on his way to Kyle’s Confirmation….. We are still awaiting word as to whether or not Chris C was even allowed in the church.
    Anyway, no one was letting him roll off the front that early on. The Sernyak also showed up to ride and he was part of the early pacing making. Some team tactics and lots of soft pedaling allowed an early group of 8 or 9 to get a small gap before North Brooksvale but that was short lived. After that, Hunter P jumped off the front and held a gap to Mountain Rd, where he was joined by Chris C and The Sernyak. Those 3 stay off the front for a kilo or 2. Attacks and surges in the pack, The Full Nalini, Matt D and Apple Man from Yale were also up there pushing it back together. After the catch, Alan B took off and he dragged a couple of riders with him, with another couple more in between. It was all red lights at the intersection which brought it all back.
    Once onto Moss Farm, Little T got it going, along with The Sernyak and Henk. After a decent start, the pack rolled toward the chicane. Gibertoni jumped off the front and was allowed to ride free for the most part. There was some attacking and surging heading up to Marion but overall the pace was controlled. Little T was and Alan B  both took off once more but each was reeled back in before the 322 crossing.
     Once on the other side, The Sernyak was rolling off the front again, taking advantage of the lull in the pace. A couple of guys tried to get going across but by the time everyone turned onto Mount Vernon, Sernyak was clear by 15 seconds. The pace in the pack slowed down quite a bit, as no one was willing to ramp it up to close down the gap. Sernyak stayed out there for the whole time, gap yo-yoing a bit here and there.
     As the ride drew near to the corner for Welch, Alan B and Mike McG jumped off the front and they were joined by the Full Nalini. After catching Sernyak, that made for a strong 4some up the road. Still, the pace behind was unimpressive. Sean The Expo rider tried to bridge but he had waited too long, and would eventually get swallowed back up after the corner for West st. Up front, the leaders rolled thru the sprint without a struggle. All Mike McG had to do was make his BB creak a little and it kept everyone in line nicely. Behind Andrew Suzuki was putting down a solid pace to lead the rest of the group up and over. It would take a couple of lights, but the leaders would eventually be stopped and all would come back together.
     Once it was all back together, the pace ticked up a bit as guys were willing to work up front. Nuemotion, Henk, The Full Nalini and others. Charging down Atwater St, Gibertoni took off again, and then Hunter P again. The latter holding a gap all the way to the red light on 322.
Once on the other side, Alan B attacked again, Sean from Expo was ready this time and his chase led to it all coming back together again. From there it was the usual guys doing damage up front.
      Sernyak, Alan B, Hunter P, Nuemotion, the Yalies…. For the run in to Stop n Shop,  Alan B tried one more time, and was looking solid(ish) off the front. Big Red was back with the group, after having to detour earlier to head back home for a quick bit and He was charging hard. He brought a group of 10 or right back to Alan B with time to set up the sprint. Henk then led out Mike McG but Mike hit the jets too early. It gave Little T a great spring board for the last bit up the hill to take the sprint.