A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 26th


   The ride tonight started out pretty tame, but it got going a couple of corners in. There were not too many surprises and revelations up front as the ride got going. The new Yalie (Jason?) took off on Mount Sanford but that was corralled pretty quickly. Chris C was the next to go right as Mountain Rd hit. Hunter P went with him and those 2 kept up a gap for 750 meters or so. They were eventually joined by Nuemotion, Mike McG, and a couple of others but the rest were not too far behind.
    On Moss Farms, Hacker, Nuemotion and Hunter P were on the front but the tail wind was helping everyone stay in contact. Ben Bruce would hit the front for a bit but that too was short-lived. Heading into the Chicane, Chris C and Special Ed were drilling it and they split off a gap that would be kept up to the turn into the industrial park. Big Red and Hacker kept on the pressure going over the highway but the light was red at 322.
    Big Red stayed on it after the light but things didn’t get going until onto Mount Vernon when Special Ed took off the front. The response was pretty quick to that move, as there was plenty of riders to jump into the gap. The tail wind was aiding and abetting the ride north. A brief slowdown as the front was corralled allowed Nick the Tail Railer Sabatelli to jump hard. He took Hunter P with him and a chase group was quick to respond and form. Big Red, Chris C, New Yalie, John Pescatore, and 1 or 2 others. That group worked well but the chase behind was fast once it got going. When Chris C sensed hesitation on the part of a couple of the breakaway riders, he went rabid, attacking off the front, which allowed the rest to catch back on by the false flat section.
    From there it was a solid run in to the turnaround. On Welch, Hacker jumped but when he saw 4 or 5 guys go with him, he eased up. Chris C would then jump up. He got thru the corner alone but the rest was close behind. The Headwind slowed down rider quick smart and it became a game of hide and seek with the wind. Ben Bruce, who is quickly having an MVP season, took the lull as an opportunity to jump. He steadily build up a gap and hit the final rise before the sprint point with 75 meters or so on the a group of 5 or 6 chasers. He put in a good sprint, and it was apparent that there was no point in trying to gun him down. On the backside, it all came back together as red lights stopped the front 20 guys.
     Heading back toward 322 into the wind, Rob Dux tried to sneak off thru the intersections. No dice there. Special Ed rolled off the front after the underpass and rolled up to the red light with 2 additional riders in Big Red and Chris C, and the rest very close behind. After getting thru the milled road on Peck, Chris C and Nuemotion tried to sneak away in a half-hearted kind of way. Then Hunter P attacked going by the greenhouses, taking along only Rob Dux. Those 2 maintained a gap up the rise on Peck but coming up to route10, it was all together again. The Pack timed their weekly illegal approach onto Route 10 perfectly, cutting off the coolest Cheshire Police Officer in existence. No reaction from the cop, even as he stopped in front of everyone at the light at the base of the Cheshire Park hill (where’s Todd H been?!?!)
      Faced with certain infractions, the group was slow to get up the hill there, but once it flattened out, things got going kind of. Special Ed and Big Red used the lull to escape. Then it was Chris C jumping off with Nuemotion and Tiny Kyle in pursuit. Up front, the 2 leaders rolled slowly up the stop n shop hill, allowing Tiny K to put in the sprint of his SG life and nearly pick off Special Ed, but the youngster got there a moment too late. A+ for effort though.
     That five-some had a healthy gap that was further aided along with the peleton got a red light in the center of Cheshire. The chase would resume once all the lights were done but there was not catching the lead group. 

Great ride everyone!