A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 16th

Everyone seemed to have something to prove tonight as the ride had plenty of punch.

Right off of Route 10, after enjoying the tail wind from the parking lot, the group of about 55-60 was speeding right along. Mike McG was upfront, Rick on a C-dale, and Time Trial Pete Johnson was setting early tempo. Mike McG stepped on it running though Brooksvale Ave. and Hunter P along with Eric M were there to follow it up. Going up Mountain Rd, Mike continued to drive the front along with VQ Rob, Julio L and Tall John. Pistol packing Peter Kenney was up there as well. The pace down the ret of Mountain Rd was good with little break from the soliid tempo. Chris C and Rondo were working well together along with a new (?) Stage One guy on a Colnago.

Onto Moss Farms where Rondo and Hunter P jumped up the road early on along with VQ Rob, but that was shut down pretty quickly as EriC M and Mike McG were also rolling along fast at the front of the main pack. Tall John rode off the front going into the chicane and had a small headstart on the hill up to Marion Ave. The pace kinda dropped here as no one really took the opportunity to attack. Maison from CCR was off the front, semi attacking up the hill. Adam from yale was up there taking the main field thru the corner when Hunter P came off the front and surged past Maison. Hunter P stayed off the front alone for a minute or two, almost making it to the industrial park, but was caught by a strung out pack led by Mike McG, tall John, VQ Rob, Joe K, Julio L and others.

Into the industrial park where the pace remained high, with no one making any separation off the front. Chris B was inching his way up to the front in a move that has hidden from no one. He was first thru the corner for west Johnson but there were plenty of guys to mark his pace and he stayed at the front of the field. VQ Rob was up there again setting pace as everyone barreled thru the intersection of Peck Lane. Rondo may have gotten a flat somewhere at this point (?) The strong guys were setting up for the sprint with Alessio up there, Eric M, Maison, Hunter P, etc. Chris B impressively attacked again before the corner, taking Hunter P along with him for the early snooker shot at the sprint. The 2 stayed together with Chris charging the way up to the hill. They had a slim lead of 40-50 yards. Chris did a good job gathering himself for a sprint and jumping away from Hunter just as the guys in the pack were winding up. Greg Ciocci gave it a good go, jumping early and getting the jump on the rest. Mike McG and Little T were the next to go and nose to nose, swept thru the guys up the road, Ciocci, Hunter and Chris. The 2went pretty much down to the wire with Little T pulling thru the corner at the last moment. Alessio kept up the pace on the backside, but so did most of the riders behind and it was back to fast heading into Peck Lane. Nothing too unusual for the run in to Route 10 and into Cheshire. Chris Mahoney, Thomas B, Tall John and Julio and others were up there setting tempo. There was new faces out tonight, good to see some new guys out enjoying the ride.

The run in to Stop n Shop was quick, with a slowing at the end as everyone watched Little T come up to second wheel and then pouncing. Hunter P gave chase, Maison had an impressive jump and was in position to pass for a bit. Mike McG jumped as well and despite a rear tire losing air, was the only one to take it the long way to the line with Little T. Again Alessio was able to edge it out, but just barely.

Nothing else to report for the ride back into Hamden. Stage 1 was doing a lot of the pace making. Dave H was up there along with Crazy Chris, Julio L and Tall John. Coming into the final kilometer, Little T saw the front of the field a little eary and decided to run with it. He got a gap and looked for a moment to be on the way to the hat trick, but close behind there was an usually large group, maybe 10 guys just ramping up the speed and ready to turn on the afterburners. Dillon P, Eric M, VQ Rob, Ciocci, yalie Adam, etc. In the end Little T was passed by Vq Rob and Julio L who shared the honors of bringing the ride to an end.

Up the hill, Chris B wasn’t tired yet, he jumped up and past Gregg F and Chris Mahoney.