A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 9th

Shortcut thru the local packy with a detour thru the pizza place...

           Pretty big group out for the ride tonight... Everyone must be getting in final training preparations for the last big race of the year. Rory D was lickin his chops out of the parking lot, drifing away from the rest on route 10. Once the ride got onto the back roads, in a replay from last week, Jordan L and Hunter P took off, this time with The Sernyak and Rusty joining as well. The group was allowed to quickly sprint up a gap but corners slowed the attack. The pace was kept high by Jordan L and Chris C came up as well. One more corner later found Hacker moving on thru the front and soon the pace was high from all. No gaps were allowed all the way toward Mountain Rd, despite some strong pulls up front by Chris C, Nuemotion, Jordan L and a couple of others. Hunter P surged alone up the road on the second set of risers but that was short lived. Gregg F countered that move but that was also a short effort as the field barreled on toward the light.... Which went green at the last moment, letting all thru nice and smooth, though the next light was red. Once onto Moss Farms, Pescatore took off and was joined soon by a few guys.... Jordan L, Chris C, Nuemotion, A CF Racing rider, and one or 2 others. That led to a pretty solid pace all the way down Moss Farms. Toward the end, The Gibertoni and Mike McG moved off the front on brute force but by the chicane, it was strung out single file and fast. That led to a fast trip up to Marion and soon after the corner, a small group was split off the front, led by Chris C, Ben Bruce, Hunter P, Neumotion and a couple of others. Despite the group having plenty of ponies the pressure from behind was too much and everyone was all together for the run toward the light.
            That light went from green to red at the last moment, giving the chance for the front 8 to squeak through but leaving the rest of the peleton having to stomp on the brakes. The law-breakers waited up in proper style and soon after it was all together heading toward Mount Vernon. Little T was off the front and drilling it with Gregg F, Ben Bruce, The Sernyak, Hunter P and a few others chasing hard. Soon after it was all together as everyone seemed to be want to the one that led the rest on the shortcut of the night.
           The time on Mount Vernon was brief, and the speed stayed high on Prospect St as there was plenty of riders to chase down Hunter P as he tried to sneak off. As everyone got back onto West St the ace stayed high, continuing with the theme of the night.
           The speed was ramping up and the front 10 were flying toward the overpass on Atwater when a little Muffy dog ran out in front of all with a lease on. Pretty much everyone braked hard and swerved safely. There may have been contact from by a rider though.... And by contact it we mean a square t-boning of the canine. The dog was pissed and complaining as most riders stopped to see what could be done. A handful of riders rolled on slowly. The dog ended up appearing to be fine. So everyone rolled on. The 2 groups were back together on Peck ln. and the ride got going back to full speed with some cheerleading from a local patrol car who thought the cohesiveness of the pack was lacking a little legality.
            Back onto Route 10, after Christian D snuck off during a lull and stayed out in front long enough to be there when the front runners were winding up to lead out the sprint.... Mike McG setting the speed down. A traffic light with a car turning out right at the base of the hill brought the full-flight leadout to a stop.
             A few guys started up, rolling hard up the hill to make a little something out of the sprint. Little T got it with little fuss. For the rest of the ride, the speed..... Wait..... Where was Guido?