A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 14th

Anyone starting to feel tired yet???
    We’re getting toward the halfway mark of the SG season and the great rides continue. Tonight was no exception. The Cheshire boys were attacking at nearly every turn, keeping the rest guessing and working hard. Hacker, Nuemotion and both the Crowells were tearing it up as well as Big Red of course. It was also another strong week of riding from Jimmy C of the Race CF squad and the new guy atop the orange BMC (name?)
    During the first half, Hunter P and Alan B traded attacks with Big Red getting involved in the mix here and there. Ben Bruce was also in a couple of moves, usually following a fellow new havian (new havenoinian? new havenite?) The ride got green lights at route 68/70 and over 322 and it was shaping up to be a fast night. On Mount Vernon, Jeff Weaver and Alan B started things off with a good gap. Kyle C flew across it along with Jason Williams and one or 2 more. It came together shortly after and would stay like that until Hunter P attacked into the false flat section. That was enough to spring a group of strong chasers but it would come together before the top of the rise.


    The next break was again Hunter P, jumping off the front before the corner onto Welch. The chase was quick to get going and halfway to the corner for West St it was all back together again. That led to a HUGE group of guys in position at the corner. Once thru it thinned out and 4 or 5 guys were in position to jet off the front. From there Nuemotion took the sprint, staying out in front of Mike McG , Ben Bruce, AlienB, and Hacker. More green lights thru the 84 exchange = guys getting dropped left and right.
     AlienB took off again hard on Atwater, building up a gap and then bring joined by Big Red. Those 2 hung on till past the hill underneath 84. ANOTHER green light going back over 322 and everyone was thinking the Strava KOM for the route may fall on this night. The ride was tranquil until AlienB lit it up on the hill going past Cheshire Park, but it wasn’t enough to spring a gap. Heading into the Stop n Sprint, a small group jumped off the front and was able to get to the base of the hill first. From that sprang Jimmy C to get the sprint ahead of the usual sprinters who left it just a second or 2 too late.
    The red lights slowed the ride down on the way back into Hamden, erasing any chance of it being a record breaking night. Or well… Next week we’ll try again and without a training crit at Rentshlaer Field, there should be a good group of risk takers ready for the challenge.