A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 6th

It was hotter then donut grease tonight for the ride. A group of about 40-50 guys rolled out and Dillon P and Joe K got everyone rolling into Cheshire. The real stories on the night would take a good news bad news angle. All the CCR guys were riding concerned for Matt Sack, who crashed hard during the Fitchburg Crit. Matt is a tough guy who was having a great stage race and despite road rash all over and staples in his head he was looking to ride even tonight. Get some rest Matt. On the flip side we were treated to domestic pro COREY COLLIER hitting up the ride with us. Corey would be active at the front pretty much right from the start and as everyone tried to get on his dance card, the ride ended up being all the more interesting for it. Many times, starting right on Mountain Road, there were surges, and gaps formed as the pro would seemingly nary break a sweat and ride off with 3 or 4 guys at a time. Everyone seemed to have a chance to either jump on a break or chase one down. Mike McG chased hard, Special Ed, Chris C, John Gregory ( aka Rondo ), Chris MaHoney, Joe K, etc. It would take a while but late on West St, Collier rode off the front with a small group. Give Ciocci, Guido, Hacker, and BenGe props for sticking it out. The break got a boost when they made a light on West St.

The last ditch efforts came right before the turn onto West St. from Joe K, Peter K and a couple of others to try to salvage the sprint ( which Hacker took ) but when it was apparent that no one would be catching the break, the Peleton went into summertime chat mode. From there, it the pace was easy as everyone was feeling the heat. We got to hear pearls of wisdom from Mike McG - “ if you take 4 links outta a bike chain, it wont work”. Despite the heat, credit Joe K, and a couple of newbies for mounting a respectable chase when no one else would before heading back over route 322 on the way into Cheshire.