A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 7th

Seems like it was a bye week

Revenge of winter tonight as a light crowd filed outta the parking lot nice and neatly and freshly
relieved. Good to see new Dad-Dillon P out there as well. Let's all hear it for the arrival of girl Cadence May Pronovost! She will be truing up Zipps in no time at all.

The ride was greeted by a devilish crosswind that seemed to be a headwind the whole night. The pace was light heading into Cheshire... Maison, Dillon P and Guido were up there, ticking along. Eric M and Ciocci from keltic too. A weekend full of windy racing seemed to be putting the strong men in spin mode. Plus no show from Little T, Luekens, and Peter P.... And Crazy Chris got hit with a flat early on.... So there was some ponies missing.

The first serious action didnt happen till before Mountain rd, when Tomaas-not-Thomas on the old school blue steel bike and Guido slipped off the front... But that didnt last that long, and right away on Mountain Rd it was Todd H pushing up past everyone with Hunter P in tow. Chris C jumped hard and was looking to get a gap. Guido went too and so did Hunter P. The 3 had a small gap but by Cornwall Ave, the rest of the field was latching on. The rest of the way down Mountian was uneventful... Many faces up front.... Pace was decent, nothing crazy.

Onto Moss Farms where Kyle Foley, betting the lazy card, rolled off the front... A brief reaction came from the Devils Gear rider on a Fuji, but for the most part, the P'ton was ok with letting Kyle have some room to roam. He stretched out a decent gap of about 70-80 yards before BlingBling Maison jumped to bridge. That proved easier said then done and by the end of Moss, Maison was back in the fold. Stacked up traffic at the intersection stopped the field and let Kyle roll thru the Chicane with more of a gap. Up the hill before Marion, Chris C attacked again, but this time ended up dragging everyone up the hill. Kyle would keep the pressure on and roll into the industrial park with a handful of seconds.

Solid pulls from Blue Steel Tomaas, Tall John and Todd H eventually brought him back but break held right up till the corner of West Johnson. Chris C jumped again right away on West Johnson, bringing along Brian Koski, the rider on the white bianchi, Greg Ciocci, Guido, and a couple of others. ( ??? ) Chris was going good enough to get a gap and his chances of making it up to the sprint point looked good. Heading up toward Reinhard, Chris Butler from CCR killed it to make it across the gap. He also dragged up Ken-just-ken, making the lead group 7 or 8 strong with about 8 seconds on the field with a couple of stragglers in between. On Rienhart, Chris still was solo ing off the front, looking to trump everyone to the sprint. 3 or 4 guys jumped from the lead group and Ciocci made it to the corner first, though Chris B was right there as well. Everyone came back together on the decent and turning onto Peck the break was back.

Onto Route 10 the pace went up enough to cause some splits. Tomaas was up there, Devils Gear, Rondo, Kyle was back up to the front, Guido... etc. Some gaps had to be shut down by the time the Stop and Shop sprint was coming up. Even still there was a small group being led by Tall John and Chris C. John would lead everyone out for the hill, Chris was the only one to jump, but at the last moment, John pipped him to the top. Nice work Interlandi....

The rest of the ride thru town was slow... Once outside the lights, the 2 Foleys tried to sneak off by themselves... But that did last too long as Tall John was again setting a good pace. Heading into the finale, Richard Sachs Chris, and Chris Butler looked to outlast and escape the rest, but Hunter P came up hard and past them with a long half Kilo to go. Guido also kicked into low gear at the last moment and was able to power up to Hunters wheel. He had time to spare and was able to come around him to get to the end of the ride first....