A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 12th

      STEP 1) Open a new browser window
      STEP 2) hit S in the URL bar.
      STEP 3) Strava or this blog comes up.... Neat trick huh???

     Great ride tonight! It was great to see some new riders from the New Haven area out on the ride. All the cool kids where there. The crosswind made things interesting and the black jerseys of Cheshire Cycle and Yale were out in force! First it was French Casey. Then The Sernyak. Then HackAttack slipped up and lit up the front… And the ride hadn’t even gotten to Mountain Road yet!
     During the first 25 min Gibertoni and the Burgster teamed up and rode hard on the front. Mix in Ben Bruce, Joe K, and Hunter P and there was always a Cheshire guy trying to get off the front. Jordan L, Special Ed, and Rusty were in for the ERRACE crew.
      Perhaps the strongest show of force we’ve seen from the regulars this year though was when Ben Bruce attacked hard early on Moss Farms. Joe K went with him and those 2 put their heads down and drilled it. The chase was real and instead of the leaders being brought back, a chase group split off the front, with Chris C at the helm, along with the Sernyak, Burgster, Nuemotion, and a couple of others. The chase group came up and eventually caught the leaders just as the peleton was done clawing back the gap, right past the turn for the short loop. Impressive effort from Ben B and Joe K!
      Hacker jumped going over 322 and he took along a new Yalie. Those 2 stayed off the front for a couple of kilo’s. Behind Jordan L, then special Ed, then Chris C, all hitting the front to try to get something started. It all came back together soon after but the pace stayed pretty good for the entire run down Mount Vernon. No real attacks but the crosswind did play a part in catching some guys out and rewarding those that pushed it with small gaps here and there. Turning onto Welch, the first guy to have go off the front was Joe K. He muscled off the front and held the gap as the speed got going behind. Hacker let out the line a little and then jumped hard to bridge. Between them and pack, Burgster, Ben Bruce, Chris C, John Pescatore, Jordan L,  and Hunter P, were vacillating between jumping to bridge or just seeing what would happen. That was a mistake as Joe K and Hacker had all they needed to stay out in front. Hacker opend up the sprint but Joe was able to power out in front to the line.
      On the backside, those 2 kept on it and they would have had a crack at the long bomb had it not been for the red light by the highway. From there the ride was pretty normal. No real attacks of any kind. Jordan L, Gibertoni, Chris C, a little Rob Dux here and there, Rustico, Tall John (good to see him in the mix) and Burgster, all contributing to the action. Nice job to Kyle “the sprout” C. He rode well and made it thru the loop again.
      For the Stop n Shop Sprint, Chris C did his usual leadout, and Jordan L was up there too. The first to jump hard was Hacker, then Little T and Nuemotion. It ended up being a drag race between Little T and Hacker, this time Little T getting one. Good to see him back in action. No one really believed the hold out would continue for that long!
      The ride back in to Hamden was the usual semi sketchiness. Nice and fast. The usual group tore off the front for the sit n sprint (aka lumbering giants on bikes) and once again it was Gibertoni bending crankarms to get past, through, ahead of…. Whatever, French Casey and a couple of others.
Great ride everyone!