A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 14

No one is scared of the Tuesday night ride anymore…..

Another solid group out for the ride tonight. New face starting to become regulars for the TWC….

The ride got started slowly once off route 10 but two yalies slipped away with plans to ride by themselves the whole night. Traffic on corner #2 of the ride slowed the group up and the 2 were out of sight till they relized they missed a turn up the road and had to back track….

Dillon P was quick to test out the rigidity of his new Scott and took off the front alone. Behind, the pace was ok. Maison & Joe P from CCR and setting tempo heading into the first section of ‘pave.

On Mount Sanford Rd Dillon was caught as Adam from Yale ramped it up pretty good. Then on South Brooksvale leading up to Mountain Rd Maison found himself off the front with Hunter P. The two worked it for a little bit but then sat up on Mountain as Matt from Devils gear and Guido powered up the first hills on Mountain rd. The two kept it motoring along after the hills and fond themselves with a bit a gap that they went to work on. By the second set of risers , Yale Adam, Greg C from Keltic, Eric M, Peter P, Lawrence M on the white Bianchi, a Yale guy on a Parlee (?), and others were bringing it hard. The 2 were caught and for the rest of Mountain rd everyone was together and working well to keep the speed up.

Onto Moss Farms where the Yalie on a Parlee, Adam and Eric M kept the pace high initially but then calmed down for the run into the chicane.

Into the chicane there were a lot of guys at attention ready to go as Peter P led everyone thru. Little T, feeling no ill effects from the long day he already put in on the bike before the ride, jumped hard from 7 bikes back and lead everyone up and thru with the gap he created. Dillon P was quick to respond and was chasing at the front along with others… (Chris C, Hunter P) Eric M took a late dig to try to close the gap to T but as the road flattened out on Marion, riders were single file…. But all together.

Into the industrial park where Kyle F and TriGuy on a Trek kept the pace high. Guido was up there too looking antsy. Onto West Johnson where the pace went up due simply to a solid group of guys setting a stiff pace. There were too many to mention, but no doubt Adam up at the front along with other Yalies kept things motoring. Too bad these guys are students….Summer classes anyone? As the corner to Reinhard neared, There was a group of 10 or so with the position and the legs to get ready for the charge up the hill. Chris C, Eric M, Crazy Chris, Guido, Greg Ciocci, Peter P, the yalies, Maison, Dave from Stage 1 (?). Chris Butler from CCR had moved up and thru and was there. Also we think we spotted Julio L from Stage 1. Great to see him back on the ride. Right behind this group there was others lurking. Little T, Hunter P and Rondo amoung them. Sure enough there were quite a few that jumped at the base of the hill for the sprint. Little T had waited to jump a little longer than usual thanks to the bodies in front of him. But when he did he had Hunter P straight on his wheel. The 2 quickly darted thru traffic and only had to pass Eric M and Crazy Chris, who were fighting off sharks with laser beams, thrashing their bikes to get speed out of them. Hunter P came along side and eventually passed Little T, now 156 miles into day ( or something like that ). Hunter got to the corner first but somehow it seems Little T took the corner first. So we’re calling it a tie. On the backside Crazy Chris and Eric were ready to keep it up and rolled off the front with Hunter P. But by Peck lane everyone was back together…. One day someone will jump hard here and keep a gap to the end.

The pace back to Route 10 was good. Hunter P lead all up thru the next sector of ’pave. Gregg F & Maison from CCR was up there too. Getting closer to RT 10, Rondo, no doubt tipped off by his crooked Italian-leaning informants deep in the Cheshire PD advised everyone to behave for the next bit. Sure enough, there was a squad car up the road a ways pulling out in front of the ride. It looks like he was answering a call tho and took off never to be seen again. We guess there was something happening in town that was more urgent than the bubble boys flaunting their manhood indecently. Amongst the drama, Chris B, who bows to no lawman, was gassing it off the front with a couple of others in tow. No doubt seeking revenge for being denied on Reinhard, Chris was gonna one-man-army it out to the Stop and Sprint Shop.
Despite some huge pacing on the hill going past Cheshire Park by guys like Guido, Adam and Peter P Chris was leading his small group with a bit of a gap. Approaching the hill guys were all over the place. Craig L jumped late from way back. Little T, now on kilometer 270, jumped along him. But it was too late as Chris narrowly held on to be the first of the hill. Great job Chris! Impressive…..

The rest of the ride was pretty uneventful. Kyle F and Greg Ciocci were gunning it. Stage one and Medic riders Brian K and Eric M as well. Little T and Hunter P nearly caused a pile up…. Way to go guys… Heading into the finale, Rondo, Little T, Hunter P, Eric M all took their last solid pulls a ways from the end leaving Maison Greg C and Guido jetting off alone. Guido is tough to beat in this one and was able to stay out in front going past the Shepard Ave.

All in all, a pretty good ride!