A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 4th

Tonight everybody musta been too hung over or something. Labor day made everyone soft.

The ride was a bit on the tame side... Just a bit mind you, it wasnt like the week prior.

Tonight the camera was rolling atop Hunter P's noggin. We were rushed after the ride, so we havent seen it. Its currently housed in the vault at Cheshire Cycle. Rest assured that the possible footage of Chris Crowle flipping off a soccer mom in an oversized SUV is going to keep us looking forward to opening the shop tomorrow.

So on to tonights action...

Again, from the start, we had a couple of attackers charging out of the parking lot. A couple of Keltic boys ( Probably Jesse K and Eric Merril. Honestly, we weren't paying attention... To busy making sure our lids were straight and there were no chianring tattoos on our legs. Gotta look good for the camera... ) also with them was the youngster Kyle "dont mess with the Fro yo" Foley. The 3 sped off and nicely got things moving along. A lone rider went down (?!) at the corner of Still Hill and Brooksvale. Everybody paused for a second, he was ok. By the time the ride got to Mountain Rd everybody was back together.

Right as the 3 were caught, Kyle stepped on it again, but the pace was high and his solo effort was swallowed pretty quickly. The usual suspects were driving things along. Flying up the next set of bumps in the road, Peter P and Joe K were drilling it. Going past Cornwall Ave the front of the peleton was treated to the aforementioned SUV cutoff. This got some people motivated and Hunter P and Chris C started turning screws.

Onto Moss farms where again, Kyle was looking to get off the front with a new rider from Keltic. Credit Kyle for being the days most aggressive rider. Also trying to sneak off the front with the two was Joe K, but it is pretty clear now that most us know the power Joe has, and therefore his acceleration was marked well by Peter P. Jacob Hacker made a huge jump to get up to them and Hunter P tagged along too. The 5 had what could be called the day's most successful break. But no one punched it once the pace slowed and going in the chicane before Marion a couple of riders, Eric M, Chris C, Ed Angeli and others were well on their way to making contact. Past the chicane and up the hill, Joe K, Eric Merril and the only guy on a Storck every week (?!) were driving hard. This set-up on the hill the now weekly surge from Hacker. Tho this time, Chris C and Hunter P were laying it down too and by the top of the hill turning onto Marion, there was little or no gap. Gonna have to be more creative next time boys... Ed Angeli and Crazy Chris from Stage 1 kept the tempo high past the hill. Then Tall John and Peter P found a gap and went for it. Gregg F from CCR\Epic jumped across but everybody was coming together for the industrial park section.

All the way up to Reihard it was conservative, even bunching up a bit. But once past the corner, going uphill, Hacker punched it again and Chris C, Hunter P and the gentleman with an Ibike cpu were the only ones to follow. This led to a small group forming by Schoolhouse, but again, no one wanted to work together and by the time everyone was getting close to Peck Ln, it was together again.

Heading back on Route 10. Hunter P drilled it hard going by the Park, he peeled off and watched as the surge nearly sprung Mike McG, Peter P and a couple of Keltic boys. But a stop light up the way would stop everyone.

Nothing too exciting on the back. A Target Training rider ( not Curtis Easton ) tried his hand at the solo move, but was brought back fast. For the finale, the rider with the Ibike (?!) lept out with about 700 meters to go. Eric Merrill gave chase at first, then came Mike McG and Hacker going FAST and quickly passing. Hunter P at the last moment got onto Hacker's wheel. Hacker gets the standing sprint, Hunter P for the seated kind.

We will work on getting the video edited and posted if it is any good. May be a couple of days though.