A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 16th

Attack Chase Repeat

Hoot of a ride tonight! Most courageous rider goes to Ben Wolfe (oh wait).
    Ok the SG version goes to Alan B for attacking Eleventeen times today. A close second to Big Red, who attacked the field on nearly every section. Between those 2, there was plenty to keep Crowell pissed. Notable attacks came on early on (Henk, right away route 10). Mount Sanford (Hunter P, thanks to dodging cars). Then on Moss Farms (Alan B, with Kyle Crowell, Henk, and Hunter P chasing). Then a bit later on Moss Farms (Gibertoni). Then still later on Moss Farms (Big Red, Hunter P). Then past the chicane (Little T). Then on Marion (Alan B). Then going over the highway (Sernyak, Kyle and Hunter P chasing Alan). Then Mount Vernon (Sernyak, Henk and THE Tim Johnson). Later on Mount Vernon (Alan B). Even later on Mount Vernon (Hunter P with Big Red). There were probably others in there as well!
    By the time the ride got to the turnaround Crowell was foaming at the mouth over all the crap paceline riding. So enraged in fact was he, that he split the field in 2 leading up to the turnaround sprint, leaving  his sprinter Little T in the chase group. Chris C was chasing down Joe K, who had jumped off the front on Welch. By the sprint line Joe had done enough to hold off Nuemotion by mere inches.
    From there the aggression showed no sign of letting up. Alan B jumped off the front going downhill, and then again going over 84 along with Hunter P and Gibertoni. Those moves, combined with the fast run thru the sprint area, lead to a small group charging successfully away from the rest down West St. Rapha Anup, Sernyak, Ryan from Expo, Hunter P, Alan B, Big Red, Ben Bruce, Gibertoni, Chris C, Kyle C, Rusty and a couple of others made up the group. It got whittled down a little more going up the hill under the highway on Atwater St as Hunter P pushed the pace up front. It all came back together at the light on 322 though. After the light turned green a couple of riders went down (THE Tim Johnson?) but everyone was ok.
    Heading up to Peck Ln, another group rolled off the front, led by Sernyak, Big Red and Ben Bruce. That didn’t get too far but Alan B used the opportunity to push the pace coming up to Route 10. He would lead a group of about 7 up the hill by Cheshire Park. For a brief moment it looked like a split was happening but Ryan from Expo did a solid pull at the front of the chase to bring it back together. The run into the sprint was all CVC and Little T was able to take this time over Nuemotion.
From there, there was plenty of red lights to frustrate the tail end of the ride. Sernyak gets the final prize.

Awesome ride everyone!