A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 16th

Guido gets a proper send off  & no animals were hurt...

     The cool weather and cloudy skies didn't stop a good number of riders from coming on out for the short loop tonight. As it should be, Guido was charging hard out of the gate. The usual riders were up there as well with him... Jordan L, The Sernyak, Hunter P, Mike McG etc. Ben Bruce and The Burg shot off after a nearly corner to get a gap. When Jordan L rolled up to bridge, it would serve as a signal to all others to get up get going.
     The pace stayed like that all the way onto Mountain Rd. Fast, with a good number of strong riders pushing the pace with the rest of the field just able to stay in constant contact. Chris C and Hunter P rolled off the front, taking a Special Ed, Jordan L and a couple of others but there was no follow-thru when the gap was formed and the peleton was able to power back once again. Midway down Mountain, The Gibertoni and Dillon P were out to put on a crucial cyclocross "racing" clinic for everyone... The Gibertoni, not out on the bike tonight, stood near his home, ready with a beer handup. Dillon accepted the challenge, took the pint... And downed it all before stopping for Builder Pete's well-timed flat tire shortly after.... Nice job boys... We expect your training to continue and your "fitness" to get better all the way up to Cheshire Cross '15 on November 15th.Next week's lesson... The dog barrier dismount!
       Onto Moss Farms for the rest of the pack, where Tall John, The Sernyak, Rory D, Rusty, The new rider on the Cervelo, and a couple of others all had a part in keeping the pace high. No one broke out off the front this week though and instead, it just was a constant crisp pace all the way in thru the Chicane. Little T hit the hill running and came thru the corner with a gap but there was plenty of guys balancing that edge of being able to attack and setting a good pace for everyone else. One guy who walked confidently over that edge was Guido, who rolled thru the front well before the corner for the industrial park. Jordan L and a couple of others were wise to the potential and attempted to go with, but the rest of the field responded for the most part.
      Chris C, Hunter P, the new guy, Guido, and one or 2 others got things going once thru the corner and it stayed fast onto West Johnson.... Again, no one really taking any digs off the front. Later on, as everyone rolled thru the 4-way intersection, Hacker surged off the front, taking along The Sernyak, Todd H, and A. Burg. That trio looked to have a head of steam at the corner but the rest of the field used the next 200 meters to claw back most of the gap. That left Little T in a great place to jump from early on. The only rider to go with was Ben Bruce, who stayed respectively close but not enough to make it a true race to the corner. Hunter P and Chris C led the rest of the field up close behind and those 2 rolled the dice on the backside along with Special Ed. No go though as the downhill was enough to let the rest of the feild chase back on by the corner for Peck Ln.
      The rest of the ride into the center of Cheshire was the usual stuff.... No shenanigans up front and no real attacks to take note of. The leadout train into the Stop n Sprint was in back in business, with a few guys up there setting great tempo. The Full Nalini was the first to go after Hacker, who had a small jump on the rest thanks to position in the pack. They were passed by Hunter P, who was giving Little T a good wheel to follow. T was able to slide around with room to spare on his way to #2 on the night.
     Feel free to leave your comments and impressions on the rest of the ride in the now completely anonymous throw-back-to-2010 comments section! Otherwise, Bon Voyage to Guido Wollman... He'll be back in the winter ya'll. We already can picture you sissy's complaining about going to fast on the Sunday ride...