A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 12th

The TWC serves up one more week of fun

The weather looked good and there was some yet still ansty legs out there so the ride continues for one more (last?) week. There was about 16 or 17 guys out for the ride.

Eric M, hot off a solid 5th place in Jamestown yesterday, was doing a lot of work tonight. The Rivet racing dude was up there early on. Joe K, Hunter P and Gregg F for Cheshire Cycling. MaHoney along with BenGe etc etc.

Chris C joined up midway thru Mountain Rd wearing a nuclear shade of neon yellow, sure to be visible to a blind person at midnight, and went straight to work, continuing his late season form.

Stefano attacked on Moss Farms, East Johnson Ave, and on Peck lane. Hunter P chased him down each time.

Chris C attacked on the hill to Marion with Antonio D from CCR and then when on to hold the a gap over the ho hum chasers up to the industrial park.

Joe K was forced to lead out Little T for the Rienhard sprint and didnt really have a chance in the end. Little T would also take the Stop n Shop sprint over Hunter P and Eric M.

See ya'll next year.