A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 27th

Tuesday Night is the new Sunday Morning

Brrrrrrrrrrr. Cold today. But that didn’t stop nearly 50 riders from heading out. Compared to last weeks crew, this weeks was a little “calmer” and it showed in the opening parts of the ride. Rondo and Stage 1ers Chris C and Dave H led the ride into Cheshire and Eric M ( looking forwards this week ) was quick to get to the front in a spot that he is quickly becoming accustomed to. Also pushing the pace early on was Silent Steve, Mike McG, Chris Mahoney, Dillon P, Gregg F ( riding with the CCR puke green Fi zik Test saddle ) and Cheshire Cycle Racing’s newest rider Larry Merling ( aka : the Bianci Man ). Larry M would be up at the front all night long for the most part. Heading down Mountain Rd, lots of guys had a turn at the front. Good to see Steve Grey ( or is it Gray ? Or can it be spelled either way? ) up at the front as well. The elders of the ride even got along with ( kinda ) a couple of newbies trying to cut their teeth in the paceline. Some fancy braking was needed at one point as a certain experienced rider was playing stop-dead-in-his-tracks

The ride got thru the light on Route 68 and that led to a small split develop with Chris B, Eric M, The Devils Gear Rider, and a couple of others getting off the front for a bit on Moss Farms. Crazy Chris, John Gregory, and Mike McG rode hard to keep it altogether heading into the chicane. Tim Rattatatataa and Guido along with Jacinto ( a powerful trio that was sticking together tonight ) lead everyone thru the Chicane and up the hill. Chris C had a dig going up which got things going for the length of Marion and into the industrial park. Larry M also up there mixing it up. Rondo and crew along with Stage 1 pushed thru the industrial park. There was significantly less activity off the front than weeks past. Heading into the sprint on Rienhard, Rondo hit the headwind hard before the corner with Eric M & Ratta in tow along with a couple of others. Immediately behind was a fractured group of about 8 riders looking to square up for the sprint. The lead group had a decent 30-40 yards when Rondo peeled off the front at the base of the hill. Larry M was among them and jumped up to try to get to the top first. Behind, Little T had a leisurely start to the sprint, getting up to full speed well past half hill. He had enough road to overhaul Larry M a stone’s throw from the corner.

Larry, however kept up the assault on the backside and was joined by Chris B for a bit but by Peck lane, it was all together for the most part. Heading up to Route 10, Steve Grey took a flyer and turned the corner with a 6 second gap. Behind him the Devils Gear rider was trying to bridge up. The tail wind up the hill by Cheshire Park meant everyone was flying. The Devil’s gear rider fell back and was replaced by a Ciocci who was chasing hard and made it up to Steve G. That pair had a small gap when a traffic light past the prison rounded everyone up. The light def helped a handful of guys recollect after the punishing uphill section. Slipping thru the light however was Eric M, Chris B and one other (?). They would quickly roll off and get forgotten by the angry peloton.

Heading into the Stop n Shop Sprint, Guido was working well with Ratta and started to go to work on a gap that formed nearly a kilo from the sprint. They worked well and Ratta was the one that was able to stay clear from the chasers in the P’ton. Alessio was there but was pretty much taking a back seat to this one as it was decided early on thanks to the big, but getting slimmer by the week, German.

Guido again this week was trying to push a separation in thru Cheshire. His posse was up there with him, but traffic lights and efforts from Larry M, Peter P, Rondo etc would keep it all together. Heading into the finale, after Mike McG and Rondo leadout and peeled off, there was a big group strung out but in striking distance. Steve Grey went toe to toe with Little T started the final push with Steve Grey going toe to toe with him. The two finished practically dead even. Technically, though the prize ( along with the Stop n Shop sprint ) goes to the escapees Chris B and Eric M.