A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 5th

The return of The Beast! Ciocci gets a day off ( and shows up withOUT Di2 )! The CCB toss-up gets bored with your tempo... The veterans on the ride lament Joe Patalone's accident ( here's wishing to a speedy recovery Joe )
And more.... Just another SG ride.

    The ride started out sedate enough but once onto Mountain Rd it kicked up thanks to Koski and Hunter P. Chris C had a dig off the front but was corralled by Yelle!Snoop, the CCB toss-up and Tri-Doug. There was slightly less action off the front on Moss Farm, where it was solid tempo followed my solid-ier tempo when CCB moved up to the front. Thru the Chicane, Chris C attacked, followed by Hunter P, which strung things out but no one was delivering the widow maker.
    A small group tried to sneak off the front coming onto Mount Vernon... Chris C, Chris C, Eric M, Gregg F, Central Wheel Dennis, MoMoney and one other. That didnt make it very far but Chris C and Yelle!Snoop kept the pressure up afterward and then CCB came up and drove things along. From there is was solid pace with a few good opportunities for attacks, but no one was up to it.
    Heading onto Welch, Ciocci kept the pace high till Graham Garber took over. Chris C jumped early, followed by Hunter P thru the corner. Little T sewed things back up and took on front for a bit, which slowed things down a bit as others were content to sit in. Chris B attacked the best he could on a 20 pound cross bike and quickly got a gap. The pace was starting to wind up agian with a few guys in position to go for it. Mike McG jumped on the left with Little T responding on the right. It was a drag race to the end with Little T edging it out for the sprint.
    On the backside Eric M tried to TT off the front, taking along Yelle! and a rider from Central Wheel. Once things settled down it looked like Central Wheel had plans to TTT off the front for the run-in back over 322. 3 riders were there but by the red light stopped all, Graham cracker Garber had spit everyone out the back. Chris C was also there, attacking under the overpass.
    It was status quo till route 10 and then some. The run in to Stop n Shop was disrupted by a red light at the base of the hill by the school there, basically making it a non sprint for Little T to mop up. Little T and Mike McG went down swinging again for the finale, with T getting to the corner for Shepard Ave first. Up the hill went a big crowd. MoMoney tried to dislodge Hunter P early on the hill with Tri Doug in tow. Hunter P gets to the top first ahead of #42.

Good ride everyone and be sure to keep Joe P in your thoughts as he waits for surgery.