A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 26th

The SG Ride Redeems Itself (sorta)

The usual crowd was out tonight. The ride started off s l o w. Noah rode off the front and built up a good gap that no one was in a rush to bring back. Chris C and Kyle took off after a while and formed a group that hit Mountain Rd with a bit of a gap but it was soon brought back after that. From there the pace stayed higher. Great to see Dana R and Eddie C back in the ride after recovering from falls. Oh and Steve Gray was riding, no doubt being rained out from his usual Monday tea party.
    On Moss Farms MFrisk and Alan B took off but never really got much of a gap. Then Joe K took a turn up front. The pace slowed heading towards Marion and it was all together again. It stayed together all the way thru Mount Vernon and the pace went down again. Noah took advantage again and rolled off the front before the false flat but that was brought back.
     Chris C then took off, then Alan B. Ciocci, Gray, and a couple of others were up there as well. Then Rob Dux rolled off the front in an unassuming manner but went to work in a major way. Gibertoni and Alan B got caught in the middle and though it best to wait for Welch with the group. Still Rob Dux carried on, building a gap that got up to about 150 meters at one point. Brian Girard took off mid-way thru Welch and was up and thru the lead before the corner. Behind the usuals were cuing up for the uphill sprint. A group of 7 or 8 brought back Girard and from there, Little T jumped out and grabbed the sprint.
     As the ride got back into Cheshire, a small group (Ben Bruce, Chris C, Henk and 2 others) rolled off the front by charging onto Peck Ln. The chase behind was slow at first and by the time it got going, the damage had been done. The group took a gap onto and thru Sandbank Rd.
     Apparently the "Stop at Route 10 Rule" has been abolished (good riddance) as Chris C took his group thru it at speed in order to hold the gap they build up. Ironic timing then as the 2nd rider behind the breakaway nearly slid out into traffic as he was trying to hold speed/close the gap. Be careful flying thru that intersection everyone!      The group got a couple of seconds due to the near fall, and then a couple more from a red light slowdown. That was enough to create the gap it would need to go thru the Stop n Sprint, although the group rolled thru without sprinting for it. Nuemotion and a couple more bridged the gap in the center of Cheshire. Then a little later on, as the chase was getting going, it was halted by one last red light. That sealed the deal for the break and it rolled off for the night.

Good ride everyone!