A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday June 7th

A bit of Smash, a bit of Hanging on...

    The ride toned down from it's usual level 11 tonight. Plenty of solid pace-making and steady riding up front from the guys you'd expect. Landry and Big Red were up front for much of the ride. Joe K, Tall John, Chris C and French Casey as well (good to see him out on the ride)
    No real attacks to speak of for the first half. Landry rode the front hard several times but it was never abrupt enough to break off.
     For the turnaround, Joe K once again hit the front hard and ramped it up heading down Welch, leading to near record times down that stretch and up to the corner. Alan B took over at the base of the hill kept it going for 5 or guys 6 directly behind. Landry and Big Red were the next ones to hit the front but they soon after getting onto West St, they were all done when Chris C, Ben Bruce and Hacker cued up behind. Ben Bruce went from a little ways out, taking advantage of hitting the front and he just kept motoring along. Nuemotion and Hunter P sat in for a few moments longer and wound it up with Hunter P rolling over the top in front of all.
     Heading down past 84, Gibertoni and Alan B rolled off as the rest got caught behind traffic. Those two would stay off the front all the way to the light on 322 as everyone fought the headwind. From there it was tranquil until everyone got back onto Route 10. Landry was rolling off the front and hit the hill early on route 10 with 40-50 meters lead. Big Red jumped across the gap on the hill itself and the 2 went to work nursing a slim gap over the charging field. They dug their heels in deep and would not give it up. Turns out it was enough as they got the the base of the stop and sprint hill with a gap. Landry rolled thru the sprint point in front with Joe K charging up the hill but not close to coming thru.

Nice ride everyone!!!