A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 28th

Good ride tonight guys ( and girls ).

Certainly not sluggish by any means. Missing notably were Mike McG, Peter P and Craig from Anthem.

Others were still coming off a super hard race, the Middletown Grand Prix. Steve Grey finished 2nd in his race, Chris Crowle took a 3rd place. Ed Angeli a 2nd, and our own Joe K took 2nd and subsequently upgraded to the 3's.

Right from the start 3 riders were being silly and driving straight past Wentworths, creating a gap. They were:
Hunter P from Anthem
Eric Merril from Keltic
And the still currently unknown Keltic rider with the silver Bianchi. ( can someone fill me in )

The 3 worked up a bit of a gap. Tho Hunter admits to being the dead weight in the break, suffering from a crash over the weekend. The usual suspects kept it close, Stage 1 and Target Training riders, specifically Curtis Easton. By the time the ride got to Mountain rd, they were caught.

Jacob Hacker went straight to work, but couldn't find anyone to help his breakaway cause.

The ride turned onto Moss Farms still very together. It got going single file again for the chicane turn and heading up to Marion, Hacker and a rider from Stage 1, ( is it Matt Incong...? with a tatoo on his right leg?) were flying. Gregg Ferraris from Epic Velo was chasing and so was Hunter P. Anthony Alessio and Chris C jumped on board & quickly dispatched with ninja like quickness, the thread of a Hacker up the road.

The ride was sedate for a while. It wasn't until the climb by Bob's Distribution Center on West Johnson that Hacker accelerated again. This time taking Chris C and the gentlemen riding a white and blue Mercer (?!) with an Ibike cpu. Hunter jumped up to the group and it looked good, but they stalled on the climb up Rienhard.

Hacker paused while Joe K and the unknown Keltic rider came up and then took off again, and the trio had a small gap going by the corner and descent of Schoolhouse Rd. Joe K had a mechanical issue at the bottom of the descent and called it a day as the remaining peleton came screaming by. Hacker and the Keltic rider were charging. On the corner of Peck Ln, the peleton had to pause for cars. Going up Peck Ln no one was too eager to close the gap to the 2 in front. Ed Angeli then simply powered up the hill, leaving others to sprint for his wheel. Still the 2 would not give up. Credit them with the day's most successful attack. It wasn't until the climb past Cheshire Park on RT 10 that they came back.

Going thru town, not too exciting. After getting past the stop lights of South Cheshire, Curtis Easton with balls forged from brass, attacked on his own. He built up a good gap on the sleepy pack. And then, in one of the most team like efforts ever seen during the Tuesday Throwdown, 3 Keltic riders were at the front end, chasing hard. Curtis stayed out there longer than most wouldve been able to. He was caught just over the Hamden town line. From there it was Hacker, Alessio and Hunter P and a couple of others powering thru to the finish. Apparently we are giving the sprint to Alessio.

Good ride! Please, fill in what i missed. Make comments, give highlights.....