A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 29th

The Windy Return of Ben Bruce
   The ride showed no signs up letting up tonight. Yale came correct with a couple more loaded guns. Ben “the slackest of em all” Bruce was back out and ready to go with his mismatched Cheshire teammates.
    Right away off route 10 everyone was fighting into the head wind. Cross winds were pushing folks around and Hunter P and Mike McG would use it to drive out a couple of gaps before the ride hit mountain road. Chris C and Kyle were up in the front as well, keeping the pace high. After the dust settled from a couple of early attacks, Markowitz jumped out in front and Landry went with him. Those 2 held onto a respectable gap for the majority of route 10. Then Ben Bruce and Alan B took off on Moss Farms but that was corralled quickly. The headwind allowed another group to go clear when Hunter P punched it again with Mike McG. That led to a group of about 5 up the road and fighting for space but the pack would claw back thanks to the Yalies and Markowicz. The duo of Landry and Markowicz was back at it again in the industrial park but the tail wind erased most gaps quickly.
    Heading into the turnaround section it was Chris C leading the early charge, which morphed into a dangerous trip of Alan B, Ben Bruce and Markowicz off the front working a 50 meter gap thru the corner for Reinhard. Markowicz stayed on the throttle with Ben Bruce sitting tight. He was able ot jump out and around to get the sprint ahead of a late charge from Mike McG. The headwind brought it all back together on the descent. Markowicz would keep on it through Peck Lane but it was once again Alan B and Ben Bruce getting a bit of a gap. Once through the false flat, Markowicz was done with that and he tore across the gap with Hunter P and Cassie Max in tow. That led to Gibertoni and Hunter P striking out before the corner for route 10. Everyone slowed down a fair bit in the name of safety but Hunter P was thru alone and charging up the hill, aided by the tailwind. He nearly made it all the way to the Stop n Shop sprint but Markowicz once again was tear a swath thru the concrete. He led a strong select group up and thru the front. From there, Landry popped out and took the sprint point.
     No huge surprises going back thru town. The tailwind made it easy as pie. For the finale, it was Markowicz once again charging off, this time with Ben Bruce. Ben was allowed to roll thru the line in front for the final prize of the night.

Good ride everyone!

Tuesday the 22nd

Great ride!
No one steps forward to write the blog so all the points go to Dillon P!