A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 3rd

What the heck! Go on vacation people!

     Good crowd out for the ride. A couple of heavy hitters were riding so it was bound to be quick. Things started out mello with Dillon P and Guido being the first to hit out. Divine Electric and Tri Doug also were up there. Chris C jumped once onto North Brooksvale ( just to get that special feeling back ) leading to Eric M off the front for a bit but by Mountain Rd it was all together. Larry M took a good dig up front on the initial parts of Mountain. He was chased down by Divine Electric and the Graham-inator. A small group went clear on the next set of risers when Graham G punched it off the front with a Central Wheel teammate. A couple of guys jumped with them ( Little T, Guido, Ciocci, Summers ) and some guys in the pack chose to sit up a bit. This led to a slightly dangerous looking gap. Hunter P came across it shortly after which got things going in the pack. Chris C hammered up and helped dragged the peleton back up, catching the break with a couple hundred meters left before the light.
      The ride down Moss Farms was a bit slow. Larry M continued hammering the front and was rewarded with a gap that a couple of others jumped in on. The break was allowed to off the front just before the corner. Larry M, Yahor from CCB, Thomaas B, Twin Six, Ciocci, and MoMoney all went thru the chicane and worked up a 100 meter gap. Hunter P jumped across the gap on the hill and got up there quick. The break started a good working rotation but it was a little on the slow side, allowing the pack to bear down as everyone went over 84. Eric M jumped off once the catch was made with CCB and Hunter P continuing with him. Surprise surprise, the light was red so it all came back together though.
      Sean Cahill from Central Wheel attacked as soon as the light was green and sped off toward Mount Vernon. No one was in a hurry to bring him back, although Kyle F jumped to try to bridge the gap. Once onto Mount Vernon things started to get a bit messy. Guys were up, down and in between. Cahill was still nursing a lead and Central Wheel was riding in defense of that when Guido moved up the right side and punched a hole thru the blockade along with Larry M. Guido quickly made tracks to Young Foley and his  surge helped get things going enough to tractor-beam everyone back in time for the false flat. Aidan and his dog Maddy jumped mid-way thru the false flat, taking along Little T. Instead of responding in kind, the front of the peleton went on coffee break. Aidan and T went up the road. Only until the top of the uphill did guys start to go into action mode. Guido, Nuemotion, and Eric M primarily. Those 3 were in-between as still the general response was slow. Chris B went to action, pulling a monster truck pull, followed up by Hunter P, dragging up the pack. Yelle!Snoop, in classic CCNS form, responded with a counter attack that only Guido, Eric M and Hunter P went with at first. There was a couple of seconds were a straw could've broken the collective back of the ride, but instead, things slowed down just enough for everyone to re-group before the corner.
       Guido continued the charge on Welch, with guys lining up behind him to be the first to get popped from the sprint. Sernyak (?) took matters into his own hands and went off the front. Little heed was paid. Everyone rolled up to the hill in formation, and Chris C was the first to dig with Mike McG and Chris B right behind. Once everyone got onto West St, a good sized group was rolling clear with CCB, Eric M, Divine Electric, Ciocci, and Garber-nator joining in late. Eric M got onto Mike McG's wheel and got a good lead out, taking the sprint over Yelle!Snoop and Chris B. Eric tried to recreate the goings on of last week but red lights and more diligent riding from the front stopped anyone from getting a gap for the rest of the ride down West. Aidan tried to get off the front and CCB once again played group-ride police, shutting it down and then settling into tempo. Yelle!Snoop tried to get off the front as everyone went under the highway but that didnt take.
        Nothing to report for the ride back to route 10. Steady tempo and no attacks. CCB, Central Wheel and the usuals making up the workload. The Stop n Sprint was a slug-out between Little T and Eric M, with T taking it. There were no attacks thru Cheshire although Chris B was called on to once again corral a small group off the front. From there it was standard fare back into Hamden with the end being contested by Little T and a bunch of other guys. More noteworthy though is the effective killing style again on display from the Mountain Man, who dispatched an out-of-matches Hunter P and a very non-Sagen-esque MoMoney as if they were cornered hares. Chris B put up a measure of resistance but came up a bit short on the hill.
      Good ride everyone with a fair amount of fireworks for the 4th of July ride! Enjoy the holiday y'all.