A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 1st


   Good to see plenty of guys out on the ride tonight despite the earlier take-off time. Still, the group was down one German luxury sedan and A-book-author-too-busy-laughing-at-the-CSPAN-static-shots-of-the-House-of-Representatives-Chamber-to-Ride
    The pace was once again crisp heading out of the parking lot and it continued off route 10 as well. Dillon P rolled off the front and with no one else joining him, he go'd it alone. He stayed off the front for a few streets as Kyle Foley rolled up to join him. By then the pack was coming around and it was all together. After that it was Mountain Man Junior, Jordan Lynn taking off and holding a short gap. He was followed up by The Gibertoni taking a short flyer. Dillon P also had a second crack at the front but there was no real push to get a well timed attack so it stayed together onto Mountain Rd. On the risers there, Hunter P and Tall John hit the front running, which started to splinter things up. Young Suto then went on the offensive, and that led to a Trio of Hunter P, Young Suto and Nuemotion off the front for a short bit. Chris C, Little T, Silent Pete, Mike McG and a couple of others were all attentive and didn’t let it get very far.
    The light going over route 68/70 was red for a while, giving everyone a chance to reset. On Moss Farms Rusty got things going along with Ben Bruce(?) and a another not-so-new-guy (tall, both kind of squirrely on the bike). JLynn ramped it up on the risers there and that started to spread things out. Hunter P rolled off the front again, breaking off a gap with only Swing the bat Gary along for the ride. Those 2 got to work and quickly worked up a gap into the Chicane. JLynn moved to get across the gap but got stuck in no man's land. The 2 leaders kept the gap up onto Marion and halfway to the industrial park corner.
     From there it stayed quick in thru the industrial park as there were plenty of guys to keep the pace high.
After the corner of West Johnson, guys like Mike McG, JLynn, Pescatore, and a couple of others kept the throttle pegged but no one was willing to roll the dice. Towards the corner for Reinhard, Jlynn was leading a couple of guys off the front but the gap was a small one. The lead group started to break up as Little T jumped from the chase, taking along Mike McG. It was a long sprint but Little T was able to stay out in front and get to the corner first.
    Things stayed together on the back side and the group rolled toward route 10. Heading up to the corner, JLynn peeled off to head home and as everyone paused to say adios, Swing the Bat Gary was back at it up front. He jetted thru the corner and took Hunter P along. One other rider, (one of the mystery men) jumped the gap and made it 3 up the road bolting up the hill ( site of Cheshire CX 2013! ). The chase started slow but it got going soon enough. The 3 up front were working well together and holding their gap. Everyone, front and back, made it thru the lights and the gap was coming down by the base of the hill. Hunter P jumped out from the group and got the sprint as only a couple guys from the peleton tried to sprint jump the gap.
     From there the ride had to deal with more traffic due to the earlier hour. The ride back into hamden was standard stuff. After massive final pulls from Chris B, proving it's better late than never, along with Mike McG and Dillon P there was a group of 3 duking it out. The Giberoni, Nuemotion, and the Full Nalini. Full Nalini squeaks it out just at the line.
     Swing the Bat gets his prize up the Shepard Ave hill as he stayed out in front of Hunter P to the top.

Everyone is invited the end of the SG season get-together at Cheshire Cycle, directly following the final week. Which looks like it may be next week. Last year the final ride was the 9th. Next week is the 8th. Any opinions? There will probably be guys that want to ride on the 15th but we are inclined to make it official so that we have time to stock up on the methamphetamines.