A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 30th

The Upside Down

Great ride tonight as the aggressitivity was up a notch or 2...
The Crowells and Alan B led a group of about 5 or 6 off the front early on. The Full Nalini, Hacker and Hunter bridged and made it a formidable group up the road that would have rolled on for the night but th elight on Route 68/70 was red.
   After some regrouping on Moss Farms, the strong guys were back at it, keeping the pace generally high. Hunter P rolled off alone heading past the industrial park but the next light was red. All together. Then on Mount Vernon, Henk and Chris C led a group of 4 or 5 up the road and behind the chase got going real good. A couple of surges and half-attacks later, Chris C, Hunter P, Nuemotion and Markowitz rolled off the front with no one able to chase. Reports are that Markowicz put in a monster pull at the front to create the separation. The group got to work keeping it there and all in all, were dialed in with the pacing. The break hit the corner for Welch with a SOLID 20 second gap which was more than enough to roll thru the sprint (Hunter P took it) and on the back side.
    Behind the break, an elite group of guys bridged up as they didn't want to be left out of the action. Gibertoni, Hacker, Alan B and Henk. That new group of 8 or 9 would have rolled off the front for the night expect that more red lights near I84 gave the pack a chance to catch up.
    From there the ride calmed down and was more predictable. Markowicz again led a group in rebellion as the ride turned onto Atwater St, with Hacker, Alan B, Chris C and Hunter P adding to the efforts but the chase was on in the pack and it was all together again by the light at Route 322.
    The Stop n Sprint was a super close race between a new rider (Name???) and a late charging Little T. T got it just in the last meters. The ride back into Hamden was usual stuff. Henk and Aidan C charged off the front as everyone rolled thru Cheshire, caught a light and were off to make a run for the border. Good on em for trying. 2500meters later the pack, led by Mike McG, was tracking em down, leading to a pretty solid group in position for the final sit n sprint. Dillon P played the patience game and rolled off the front with speed at the right moment to take it just ahead of he Full Nalini.

Great ride everyone!

Tuesday the 23rd

Big day for the ride. Big crowd. Big efforts. Big Wimps.
     The ride was fast from the gun, which was good. It spread everyone out and cut down the front group to 30 or so, down from the nearly 60 that started. The winner of the midpoint sprint was looking to come from a group of 4 attackers, Special Ed, The Crowells and Steve Grey. Behind the field caught up a bit and then Hunter P rolled off the front with no one but Sean Cahill in tow. Sean charged and thru the front to get past Steve Grey.
    The ride was as you would expect heading back into Hamden. A couple of attacks here and there but nothing of consequence. The Stop n Sprint was all Little T*. He was back at it for the Sit n Sprint but he had company in the form of The Full Nalini, Gibertoni, Jimmy C, and 2 or 3 cars that got in the way. They pretty much negated the sprint.

*shortcut the ride due to a flat.