A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 28th

Screw work! Let's ride at 5:30!

One of the last weeks for the ride was made pretty mellow by all-day rains. But that didnt stop a hearty crew of about 12 or so from rolling out. Mike McG, Rondo, Robyn, MoMoney Mahoney, Gregg F, Dillon P, Peter Kenny, Koski, Hunter P, Eric M, a new guy on a cross bike who would get left behind halfway thru, Stefano from Italy with the Paris Sports jersey, Richard Sachs Chris, and a couple of others.

The early pace was MoHoney and Dillon P. Then Eric M came up and would put in a long pulls with some help from Mike McG. Soon everyone was getting involved and it was pretty smooth to Route 68. A couple of guys would get left behind as as the pace picked up at the end of Mountain rd and as everyone hustled thru the green light. Eric M continued to do a lions share at the front, but the Paris Sports Stefano was chipping in more and more. At the top of the Chicane, Hunter P used some traffic to make a jump off the front that lasted into the industrial park.

Heading up West Johnson Ave, Stefano would roll off the front with Eric M right on his wheel. None of the Zane's would chase him down so the 2 hit the corner for Reinhard with a pretty substantial gap. The gap would keep going up as it was Hunter P and Mahoney left to lead the rest. Mahoney would jump cleanly into no-mans-land early on Reinhard as Eric M and Stafano were working well togetrher by avoiding a full out sprint. Hunter P jumped at the base of the sprint hill to try to cover the huge 200 meter gap. Mike McG jumped a little after that and would mark Hunter P all the way up. Despite the gap being all but erased, Mike McG would hold off on coming over the top and Eric M would get to sail thru the corner first.

On the backside, the 4 would team up and go to work right away into the headwind on Peck ln and that was more then enough to keep the gap over the remaining 5 or 6 riders that were behind. Hunter P took the Stop n Shop sprint uncontested. On the way back into Hamden, all four worked well. Mike McG was the last one to hit the front for the finale.

All in all a decent ride despite the rain. Thanks to those who braved the weather.