A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 2nd

Entry Fees? 4 corners? The USCF? Forget it man, the Tuesday party continues…

The usual amount of riders were out tonight. Nothing spectacular, but decent as always. Pretty much from the get go - Mike McG was out in front setting tempo, He had help from Eric M and Thomaas B. The ride went slower this week thru the first cobbled section and everyone stayed together going up onto Mountain Rd. Thomaas B, not quite finished yet, jumped early on mountain. Chris Butler went with him and that started the chase in earnest. It was single file but it was all together. Mike kept the pace up after that and things moved along nicely down Mountain Rd. with a bunch of guys working at the front.

Onto Moss Farms where Tomaas B again jumped first and again, it was Mike keeping it the stitches strong. He had help from Eric M and the pace remained high up to the chicane where Richard Sachs Chris led everyone thru. Mike again jumped on the hill leading up to Marion, this time taking Chris C, Todd H, Ed Angeli along for the ride. Mike had a good jump, making the 3 work but once they came together they had a gap. Behind the field was being led up and thru the corner by Little T, Eric M and Kyle F. Kyle took it upon himself to cover the gap to the four and within a quarter mile, had single-handedly brought them back, even though they weren’t really turning screws in unison in the break. Along for the ride was Hunter P and Crazy Chris which made it 7 up front. The new larger group still had a gap but that was being chased down by Greg Ciocci, the rider in yellow and black from Mass (?), Julio L and a few others. By the time the turn into the industrial park came, it was all together again. and Things moved along nicely into the industrial park with no activity off the front. Right after turning onto West Johnson, Hunter P jumped off the front in a an early bid to get up to Reinhard. That was short lived though and He was brought back when Maison jumped hard off the front. He along with Chris B, were attacking, and stringing things out before the corner for Reinhard. Gregg F was up there as well with CrazyChris, Rondo, Julio, etc, in between. Maison was brought back before the sprint started and Chris B started the hill with a 50 yard gap. Rondo had played the position game well though and jumped the best in pursuit of Chris. Back in the main bunch, Little T was too far back, Eric M jumped for bit, and Hunter P jumped hard but was also too far back. Rondo cruised thru first, with Hunter just coming around Chris B before the corner.

Things stayed together till Peck lane. Mike McG shot off the front with an interval and it took up to Route 10 to catch him. From there the field stayed together up to the Stop n Shop sprint. All green lights meant that there was a good roll out bfore the jump, and guys were squaring up. Mike McG was first to leadout, getting the speed up. Tall John was up there, Julio L, Rich from Cuevas, Eric M etc. Little T was sitting 5th or 6th wheel when we went and there was little chance of catching him. Hutner P gave chase but it was a distant 2nd.

From there the pace was good through Cheshire. There was a brief split thanks to Stage 1 guys drilling it by Macdonald’s, but as Johan would say, never attack on a downhill. heading in to the finale, the usual suspects were going good, Tall John, Kyle F, Chris C, John Gregory, The Medics, a Rider from IBC ( Boston ), Thomaas B, etc. There was a brief Team leadout going it seemed with one Devils Gear rider leading out Matt from Devils Gear. That was wrapped up with a kilometer to go though. In the end, a group of about 7 were in position to jet off for the finish. Hunter P was first to go, Little T, was next, Eric M…. In the end it was Crazy Chris and Mike McG spinning past Shepard Ave.

It was good to see a bunch of guys head Shepard up for the real test. Rich on a C-dale, Gregg F, Chris B, Ken just ken, Chris Mo’Money Mahoney, Hunter P, Bill Thompson from Keltic (?), the Devils Gear riders…. No one was stopping Chris B this time and he walked away from the rest to get the top first.