A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 6th

The Living Legend; Luigi Delbuono stops by for a beer and a spin

Not much time for a post today guys. Busy week around here....

It was a great ride, really fast. Hunter P clocked in one of his highest average wattage totals for the throwdown. And he wasn't even up front that much.

And it was great to see Luigi and John Elengo on the same mile of road! Rumors abound of a return of Gruppo Sportivo Europeo to the NRC curcuit!

The ride started decently quick. Chris C took off pretty early past route 10 and was joined by Guido. They had a gap coming up to South Brooksvale Rd. They slowed up a bit and let Hunter P, and Eric M, who were chasing, catch on.

The 4 worked well together, and got a decent gap right away. But then things went ballistic in the Peleton with Chris Jones and Mike McG moving up. the gap fell apart in a cocaine blink and by the first riser on Mountain rd, the 4 were done. The front of the peleton didnt stop for nothing and nearly tore a gap into the field. Mike McG, Jones, Rondo, Hacker, Matt (?!) from Stage one, Todd H... All of em drilling it past Higgans Rd. Chris C was good enough to jump across and his efforts, plus, Little T's kept things together. There was a little too much star power in the front group to work it smoothly anyway.

Onto Moss Farms Chris B from CCR drilled it, and with Matt from Empire, Hacker, and other Stage 1 guys keeping it going the pace was fast.

Onto the Chicane where Jones sailed to the front and kept it quick. Past that Tall John was lighting it up and riding strong and it was super fast going into the industrial park area. Some reports have as many as 10-15 guys getting flicked off the back from Moss farms to Rienhard.

So speed was high the entire time and the only effort that led to guys off the front was Mike McG and Hacker going up the hill before the turn onto Rienhard. Little T jumped on the Rienhard hill to bridge the gap. He took Hunter P and Eric M with him. Mike got to the corner first, and everyone was pretty much together going down Schoolhouse.

Turning back onto RT 10, Hacker and Chris C had a gap that they drilled going past Cheshire Park. The tail wind helped em out a bit. But by Norton School, all was together again. There was some jocking for the Stop n Shop sprint. Little T jumped from 7 or 8 bikes back and the only ones that went with him were Hunter P and Hacker. Little T got that one pretty easy.

It was really fast going thru town and into Hamden. No one tried anything tricksy, and coming into the finale, some guys got caught out in the front too early, Tall John, Hunter P and Eric M.

One of the Keltic riders ( greg ? ) was seen out of the saddle with less than a kilo to go and as a result, the entire team must be relegated from any finishes. The strong trio of Hacker, Mike McG, and Little T found themselves in the right place and we are giving Little T the win for this one.

Sorry for the brevity, great ride!