A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 15th

Will unfinished business from Bethel spill into our friendly ride?

Great weather today as the ride had about 35-40 riders. Vacations from school no doubt meant that some were elsewhere.

Turning off RT 10, it seemed the ride would be civil for a while.

Yea.....right...... and 8 seconds into Brooksvale Guido "Time2TT" Wollmann sped off. He has been humiliating Plainville & Bethel Cat 5 races by simply riding off the front and staying there. Diane, if you are reading this, get this man an upgrade to Cat 3.5 STAT.

Only one rider today would jump on his wheel. Our own Team manager, Dillon P from Cheshire Cycling Racing. Dillon too has been sprinting well in the Plainville cat 4 and 3\4 races. The duo very quickly built up a 15 second lap and where out of sight by Mount Sanford. Guido was doing the lion's share of the work tho, and even with CCR boys up at the front of the peleton patrolling\controlling, the break was in sight by the turn onto Mountain Rd. Guys like Rich(silver Giant), Peter P , Tall John Interlandi (good to see him back) and Kyle Foley were keeping things moving along.

Going up the initial riser on Mountain, Tall John snuck off the front and was making his way toward the leading two. Going thru the stop sign for Higgans a tall rider on a Cervelo from Empire Cycling (name?) jumped away and Hunter P tracked him down so soon after the leading two became 5. Guido and Dillon were feeling the effects of the break and team work wasn't the best. By Cornwall ave Cervelo and Hunter P found themselves riding off the front alone. No cars in the queue for the light on West Main means that the two had stop. the P'ton was closing in anyway. Def a dangerous break if they had gotten the light.
Moving onto Moss Farms, Kyle F, fresh off embarrassing the Masters field in Bethel, again went at it alone. It took solid riding from Cervelo, Gregg F and Joe K from CCR, and Peter P to keep him close. Going down hill toward the intersection of Jarvis and Moss Farms, Hacker ( champion of Bethel, but don't tell Allessio that ) snuck thru and was drilling it toward the chicane. Hunter P, again playing the opportunist, was matching his effort to get the free ride. Peter P was up the road a bit but the 3 couldnt get their speed right and Hunter P was alone going up the hill towards Marion. Little T came sailing to the front along with the Cervelo rider but things were on the sedate side heading into the hills of North Cheshire.
Strong pulling from Rondo, Peter P, Little T, Cervelo, and Eric M almost made a split happen in the industrial park. Turning onto West Johnson saw still a strong pace on the front. Hacker, Peter P, Alessio were going hard up to the stop sign for Peck. Unfortunately, Little T hit some kind of metallic object prolly left over from the Nicaraguan occupation of Cheshire. He flatted and was out for the evening. the field slowed ever so briefly and that was all Hacker and Peter P needed. They got a quick gap. Hunter P jumped hard to get up to them by Reinhard. Also doing the same was Joe K and the Cervelo rider.
Once the 5 saw that they had a gap, team time trial mode was telepathically decided on and going up the climb towards Schoolhouse, they worked well and were riding away from the rest.
Chris B from CCR tried to jump across with Julio from Stage One going up toward Schoolhouse, but it was too late.
The leading 5 were working well with Hacker and Joe K doing solid work on the front. Going over the train track scars on Sandbank, Cervelo lost his front light and slowed to retrieve it. 5 was down to 4. It didnt matter tho, they already had a 30-40 second gap.
The front 4 snuck thru most of the lights in Cheshire, whereas the Peleton was caught at most of them. Chris B had left Julio and was doing his darnest to make up the huge gap. Moving into the final kilo, the cat and mouse games started in the quartet. Hacker waiting, Hunter following. Peter P took it upon himself to lead the 3 out for the finish and Hacker easily bounded off the front without much resistance. Joe K gave chase, with Hunter following him in and thats how it ended. Chris Butler rolled in about 25 seconds after alone.
Back in the field the whole Keltic crew was trying to salvage the ride with some hard riding into Hamden, Mike McG and Rondo as well.... But as they say, all the money was up the road.