A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 13th

Another day, another Throwdown....Today was a calmer day for the TWC....

This week, the CCR crew nearly got taken out by a tweenage girl driver en route to the ride. No one down but Dillon P suffered a skid flat on the Shop Demo pair of 404's. So he missed the first half of the ride on account of the rim being a tad too deep for the CO2 cartridge.

The rest of us were a little late but none worse for wear.

The Peleton was being led into the roads of Cheshire by Mike McG, Matt from Empire and Eric M. Eric is having a stellar season so far and is quickly charging his way to the Cat2's.

The pace starting out wasnt too bad and everyone was together all the way thru the first third of the ride to West Main st in Cheshire. There was earlier than usual pacing from Mike McG and Rondo, along with the usual swarm of Keltic and Stage 1 riders. Little T busted out some early power as well, charging up the initial riser on Mountain Rd. He took along with him a strong Gregg F from CCR but there was plenty of guys to keep the pace going on past Higgans road and for the rest of Mountain Rd.

Onto Moss farms where Chris B from CCR jumped early but was quickly matched by Chris C and Empire Matt. Going thru the chicane there was some dangerous looking faces up front, (hacker, hunter, Mike McG, Little T, Rondo, Joe K) but they all followed Empire Matt and Eric M up the hill onto Marion. Mike McG, Hunter, and Joe K lit it up a bit going into the industrial park, but nothing too severe.

Into the industrial park where Rondo, Jesse from Keltic, prolly Greg C from Keltic too, Eric M, and Chris C all went to work to single file us all out. The pace was a 6.98 on a 1-1o scale. A brief split opened up but didnt last too long. Turning onto West Johnson saw Mason from Dartmouth attack pretty hard on the hill. There was a good effort to match the speed, Kyle F and Chris C doing a good job here. Hacker countered hard half way up the hill, quickly caught and then passed Mason. He was on his way alone when some heavy traffic at the intersection for Peck lane slowed him and everyone else down. When we all got thru, Hacker still had a bit of a gap to work with going up to Rienhard. Mike McG stamped hard to get up to him and the two were officially free going up the riser on Reinhard. Empire Matt started the bridge and took with him Julio and Crazy Chris(?) from Stage 1. They were able to get to the 2 out front, who seemed to sit up, and Matt gets the prize for being first to the corner.

everyone was together for the ride downhill and onto Peck Ln. Eric M and Gregg F started things off going up the riser, Hunter P, Joe K, Rondo and others finished it fast. Getting back to route 10 it was all together. The ride back was predictable. The Stop and Shop sprint was weirded out by a red light, but it was all Little T and Hack attack.

Coming back into Hamden, the finale was a little crazy. not unsafe, just different. Hacker, Julio, and a couple of others were spotted out of the saddle.

Rondo was the first one back who did things by the book.

On a editorial note; we'll be trying to add a name to the "roster" each week.... Preferably based on who had a strong ride that week.