A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 11th

Where’d everyone go!?
The rain must have been casting a long shadow tonight because only 14 or 15 riders were out. There was some wet road sections but for the most part it was dry out there yet again.
     The ride was dictated mostly by Chris C, Jordan L and Mike McG. Also chipping in during several sections was the rider on the cervelo who reminds everyone of Silent Steve but who is not silent Steve. Dan Smith and Special Ed were up there as well. Tommy K chipped in several times as well.
     Playing the part of instigators for the ride was Burgess and Hunter P. Hunter P attacked toward the end of Mountain Rd and was rewarded by being the only one thru a green light on route 68/70. He held onto that gap all the way to the route 322 crossing, where the light was red. From there, the pace stayed reasonable. Burgess took off early on Mount Vernon and lasted a couple of kilo’s on his own. From there it was reasonable riding up front as the work load was shared by 5 or 6 riders.
      Heading to turnaround, Burgess was pushing it on the front and Mike McG was right there. Chris C, Hunter P and Jordan L was up there as well. After the turn onto West St,  Burgess started the leadout train fast enough to whittle it down to Mike McG, Chris C and Hunter P. From there Chris C, lead it out the rest of the way, letting Hunter P take the sprint point. Those 4 started rolling off the front of the reduced pack but a couple of red lights let the rest reconnect. From there it was an uneventful ride back into Cheshire. Chris C punched off the front on Peck Ln but the rest were quick to jump on and respond.
    For the run in to the stop n shop sprint, Dan Smith tried to get the early jump on everyone but some quick response from the mystery rider on the cervelo and the not-so-new guy on the Trek kept his gap to a short leash. From there, Hunter P was able to jump up and out of the draft with plenty of time to get the sprint point.  The rest of the ride into Hamden was uneventful but quick. Everyone just wanted to ride a nice high pace and share the workload. Mike McG picked up the final prize of the night, ripping thru the final 200 meters with relative ease.