A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 9th

Wet socks and dry roads!

      Fantastic ride tonight. Strava Kudos all round. The rain clouds passed on, in time for the ride tonight. The cancellation of the CCAP Training Race in East Hartford meant that a few of the Pro-Am guys come down to mix it up with the renegades of Sleeping Giant. They made their presence felt for sure. The triune figure of Harris Cote and Suto kept everyone on their toes all night long. Disney Dave took a couple of long drags off the front when everyone was on their back foot.
     The turnaround sprint was looking like Cote-all-the-way but he’s a new comer to the route and had to stop and ask for directions…. So embarrassing when that happens. As he was pausing at the corner, Little T was well on his way with a head of steam. He took off and quickly had a gap. Chris C, Young Suto, Ben Bruce and a couple of others couldn’t claw him back in time. Johnny Tall Socks jumped up and put in a solid last ditch sprint and came close, but T gets this one in impressive fashion.
      More text book attacking from the youngsters as the ride went south into Cheshire. Cote jumped hard after the underpass on West St, not realizing what was coming up. To everyone else, it just looked like he was riding into a brick wall. Indeed the light on 322 was red. He tried to sneak thru the light but was reprimanded by older, heavier, slightly slower cyclists. From there Dave H took off and made it fast up the false flat on Peck lane. But it stayed together as there were plenty of guys who were went extra hard for the new guys.
      Once on Route10, Harris drilled it, spreading everyone out across the road. His effort would have been good enough for final escape but a light was red, slowing the attack and giving everyone a chance to recover. A large group got the speed back up as the Stop n Sprint loomed. Quite a few guys were present and ready to jump for it but once again It was Little T, coming up with the goods.
       On the way back into Hamden, Harris and Cote led the charge off a red light, tearing off a pretty good sized group, splitting the ride into 2 groups. From there, the Sit n Sprint came down a hard charging Harris and Ben Bruce, who knew exactly when to come round to get it.