A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 8th

Everybody brings their A game in search of the last chances to get some ink…

A smaller than usual crowd out tonight and it was decided by the powers that be… ( not Rondo ) that the ride would do a type of medium longish short loop, cutting off Mount Vernon rd mid way down the usual run.

Everyone agreed and the ride was off. It took a little while to get up to speed, and in the interim, Dillon P and Antonio rode off the front soon after route 10. They were joined by a couple of others… Tri Guy, Texas Ryan (?!) etc… No one was in a huge hurry to rope em back… Koski, Eric M and Mike McG were setting the tempo that would bring them back.

The ride got going a little quicker then with Tim Ratatatat Ratta up there pushing it with Texas Ryan, Hunter P and Ken just ken. Dillon P had another dig on Mount Sanford, only to be ignored back into the group. Once on mountain rd, Mike McG and Hunter P kicked things off in a good way, driving it up the first riser… Julio L and Chris C followed up and things were moving right along. On the 2nd set of risers, Hunter P attacked, taking along Guido along him. The 2 hit the top with a bit of a gap, but that survived as long as a Thor Hushovd victory sprint. Again, Koski, Mike McG and Rondo up there bringing it back together.

Once on Moss Farms, it was Hunter P, Texas Ryan and Rondo setting early tempo on much improved-from-last-week roads. It was a free for all heading into the Chicane, Ken just Ken, Mike McG, Peter K, Gregg F, etc all up there. Little T bided his time on the ramp up to Marion and when he did jump, was challenged by Guido. Little T went thru 1st with Guido and Hunter P right there. That became a dangerous trio as the 3 worked together with a no joke gap flying to the industrial park. It took some elbow grease to bring them back but with the help of Green Mountain Stage Race Veteran Eddy A, they were brought back in time for the weekly “who’s going short, who’s going long….errr…..medium” debate. Only a few guys peeled off as peer pressure reared its ugly head once again.

Once over 322, Little t got things going and then was followed by Peter K of CCR and Ken just ken. The pace was good down Mount Vernon Rd. with a few guys taking turns. Tim Ratatatat was up there a lot with Special Ed. Tim R has been rumored to be fielding offers for O ten from the Medics, the Bubbles, the Targets, the Yalies, the Cheshire Racers and Guido’s soon to be announced one man team (?!). No word on who his spiritual advisor and manager is pushing him toward…. Not to mention the fact that he still has a year left on his deal with US Army\Central Wheel, mopping the bike shop floors at night and shooting things and people during every fourth weekend. Stay tuned for late breaking news….

As the ride got to the false flat that ironically forces most to the truth about themselves, Mike McG had a dig and Hunter P followed. Special Ed was there…. Ratatatat too maybe, but that was pretty much it. Even so they couldn’t make it far off the front, instead just putting everyone in a pot of hurt. We're sure there is no love lost by some as we say goodbye to Mount Vernon till the winter rides.

As the turn down Jude lane approached, the speed dropped off a bit…. Joe K, playing the game with perfection, quietly, yet effectively, rode off the front, using the hometown advantage he had. As everyone behind got used to the new surroundings, He was off and that would be all he needed. By the time the Peleton got going under the wheels of Chris C, Texas Ryan, Eric M and Mike McG, Joe was up the road and not to be caught anytime soon. The hill up to West Street brought the ride to a new all time low speed, but even still, everyone stayed together… Julio L throttled it downhill toward Main St. Still Joe K was off the front alone. He would end up having to stop at the light on 322, which brought the ride back together. The way into Cheshire and to route 10 was fast. Gregg F, Hunter P, Jacinto, Chris C and a couple of others went full gas into the cobbles and the riser up Peck Ln, but no dice…. The powers that be kept it all together. Once on Route 10 things settled down a bit. Traffic lights again proved to be pesky. On the light at Maple Ave, Mike McG lept off the line, taking Jacinto with him. What looked like an innocent gap turned into a we’re-gonna-make-it-type gap… Mike shed Jacinto at the last moment on the run it to the sprint hill. Behind Little T jumped up from a few bike back, passing Julio, Hunter P, Ciocci (?) and others, but was not able to get up to Mike, who took it.

Heading back into Hamden, the usual suspects were up there, driving the pace. Rondo, Eric M, Chris C, Silent Steve, Todd H, Ratatatat, and Texas Ryan. At one point (the last light in Cheshire?), Guido slipped away with one other rider (?). It a bold move, he tried to defy huge odds and ride it home by himself. He was caught after a kilo and a half or so, just as Mike McG was pulling thru for the last time. Soon after that Little T hit the front alone and fast… Riding off with a solid kilometer+ to go. It was down to French Casey and Dillon P to start the last second chase and they obliged, setting up the rider from San Fran (?) and then Hunter P to catch him. Just as Hunter P went over the top of T, the foreign freight train that is known as Julio L and Guido blew by all remaining and went off to settle it moungst themselves. Julio L gets the credit for this one, riding past Guido by a bike length when all was said and done, leaving Little T with a rare winless week.….

Great ride…. Next week back to the shorter loop. Its been confirmed…..

Also, because the SG ride kicks everyone’s ass now and then, and because it is like no other, and because this summer was an especially good one for the tradition and legacy of the ride… We’ve decided to make up some tee shirts. They will be sold at Cheshire Cycle for $13 each.

So far it’s just the one design, but depending on demand, we may do a second one. It would be helpful to us to have an idea of how many to make, so perhaps drop a line to info@cheshirecycle.com and let up know you want one. You can also tell us which type of cotton is best for your skin, the size that best shows off your calves, and the color that brings out your eyes… But regardless of all that, they will be in stock by the weekend. So come by, buy one, and show off the fact that you can hang with the ride that Rondo loves. We will be sending one to the Police Chief of Cheshire ASAP.

NOTE! We have just gotten confirmation.... Wearing this shirt to any social function held by Todd H or Tall John gets you unlimited keg stands ( once Crowell is done ) and control of the karaoke system.