A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 9th

Report coming?

It was a good ride. Lots of guys out despite the rainy weather. Right off the bat... Literally right from the the parking lot, Chris Butler from Cheshire Cycle, Eric M, Tri Guy with knee highs and another rider in a Medics kit (?) attacked and left the bunch.

Even tho this type of sucker punching may be deemed inappropriate, it should be noted the group was not seen till late on Peck lane.

Hopefully we will get some details posted about what it was like in the main bunch during the ride soon.

> from Chris C <

The ride was relaxed up until the first rise turning onto Mountain Road when Greg Cocci attacked and I went with him. From that point to the light the ride was fast paced. It eased up a bit down Moss Farms road and through the intersection. Once into the Industrial Park the pace picked up again and after we went through the stop sign and turned right onto West Johnson, Mike went to the front and pulled all the way past the Kawasaki dealership. Single file, with no one able to pass. Very impressive! The pace stayed high down the hill and up the Peck Lane hill where we caught the break. There was only a few guys left at this point due to Mikes pull. Me, Mike, Eric M., Pete P., Tri Scott, Chris B., Rondo, Eddy A. and maybe one or two others. We kept pushing the pace all the way down RT-10. It is not far from an exaggeration to say we never went much below 30mph for the last 2 miles of the ride. I could barely hold on. Ron kept "f-ing" with me in the rotation which didn't help much. Great ride last night. One of the hardest in a long time. Definitely sore today.... (Chris C )

Feel free to post whatever details ( strong pulls, sloppy pace-lining, team taunting, flirting etc... ) you remember from the ride in the comments section.