A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 19th

The right mix gets the nuts tonight

    Right from the gun, it was apparent that the ride would be about who was going to go up the road and who was going to allow that to happen. An initial group of three led by The Sernyak took off right off route and soon after, was joined by a big group of mostly Cheshire guys.
    A little ways after that, the Crowle’s jumped up along with Alan B and Markowitz. After that last injection of horepower, the break had more than enough to start working on building up the gap. Behind, a couple of riders allowed teammates to roll, and the response from the strong guys left was little too late. The weight of the early chase fell on the shoulders of Henk, Sasha from CCB, Mike McG and Steve Grey (or Gray) whatever.
     The break, comprised of a Cheshire Cycle party on wheels ( Dana R, Gregg F, Dillon P, Joe K, Ben Bruce, Alan B) also had, the Crowells, The Sernyak, Mountain Man, Michael from Yale, Markowitz and Little Noah shed riders throughout the ride. Some due to flats (Dillon P and Chris C) and then some just due to the quick pace.
    The biggest attrition happened at the turnaround, where no less than 3 riders took couldn’t hack it when Joe K lit it up. Ben Bruce came away with the sprint and right about then the group actually started to look like a paceline. For the run into Stop n Shop, The lead group was down to 6 riders (Alan B, Marky Mark, Gibertoni, Sernyak, Ben Bruce, Kyle Crowell) after Markowitz took some heavy pulls. The group rolled that and kept on the gas towards Hamden. For the finale there was some cat and mouse between Ben Bruce, Marky Mark and Gibertoni, which gave The Sernyak ideal shot to sneak and pull it off for the finish, though it was VERY close between him and Ben Bruce.

Awesome ride everyone! Let’s hope the northwind keeps driving us all mad!