A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 22nd

When “clear” actually means ”CAR”

     Everyone was keyed up to race the dark on the short loop today. It was a larger than anticipated crowd as well. Soon after the ride turned off of route 10, Hunter P started going hard at the front. Soon after Nuemotion and Alan B followed suit and just like that the ride was on. The pace started respectable thru the opening 20 min, but no one was able to get any gaps.
     Hunter P timed the light on 68/70 well, leading to him rolling off the front for a bit on Moss Farms. Ben Bruce, Chris C, Nuemotion and a few others gave chase and brought it all back together. Then Joe K moved to the front and ramped up the pace to the point that no one was pulling thru on him. That strung it out “single file for a mile” and only the corner into the chicane brought any relief. Chris C hit the front heading up to Marion but everyone slotted in behind without trouble.
     As the ride barreled toward the corner for the short loop, a few guys were moving up and looking for a better spot in the pack, but the pace didn’t really pick up once everyone got into the industrial park. After the turn onto West Johnson, Chris C jumped off the front with a strong attack. Only Big Red went with him, those 2 started working together to get a gap and they had a solid 80 meters by the time they went thru the 4-way intersection on Peck Ln. The leaders went thru quickly, the pack had to come to almost a full stop as there were cars on all sides waiting to get thru. That was enough to seal the deal for the Chris C and Big Red, who had enough in the bank that the few guys who charged off the front on the hill weren’t going to close the gap. UP front, Chris C waited for the final 150 meters before kicking it into high gear and leaving Big Red for the sprint point. On the backside, it all came back together again.
     The next batch of attackers would be The Sernyak, Rob Dux and Big Red. They rolled away early on Peck Lance and didn’t look back for nuthin. It took a little but, but the chase got going, anchored by the Cheshire guys. The leaders worked well together, building up a gap and holding it all the way onto route 10. If it weren’t for the red light at the base of the first hill there, they may have rolled away on evening.
      Alan B led the pack up the hill there at a good pace and it stayed fast all the way to the base of the sprint. Mike McG was there, Ben Bruce, Big Red, the Full Nalini, Hunter P etc etc. Little T jumped from 4 or 5 bikes back and took along Nuemotion. There were a couple of others who went for it but it was quickly down to those two, with Little T edging out Nueomtion by less than a wheel length. Good sprint!
      The ride back into Cheshire was the same ol same ol. Somewhat dicey, pretty fast, everyone (probably too many!) pitching in at the front. With 600 meters to go, Hunter P jumped off the front and quickly got a 60 meters gap. The final push was one tho, riders charged past Dillon P and Mike McG, among the other last guys to offer a leadout. Hunter P hung on till nearly the end, but right in the final moments, Big Red came by to edge it out by ¼ wheel length as the 2 flew thru the intersection at 30+mph.

Great ride everyone. The start time may move to 5:30 next week. Stay tuned.