A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 9th

Thank My Blessed Bearings... Made It Through Another Week!

Interesting ride tonight to say the least. There was a very big group out. Close to 70 riders. It started out normal enough. And a bit faster than normal. As Yalies, Hacker, Sernyak and Big Red were up front and driving the pace early on. Also up there was Alan B and Expo Ryan. Heading up South Brooksvale, doing into the uphill right turn bend, Dan Smith went down suddenly and took a couple riders with him. Kyle C was unharmed but Cheshire rider Andy Lawson was hurt (C-bone) and could not continue.
     There was a small group up the road that heard the commotion and slowed but up the road further was Alan B. He was in the middle of a hard solo attack and didn't know of the crash. Rules of the road says that he gets to continue with hisself for the duration of the ride so apparently all the spoils go to him tonight.
     A few long minutes past until everyone got going again and then on Mountain Rd there was an aggressive driver trying to pass everyone but just then there was also an on-coming car. The passing driver had a chance to dive to the left into a cul de sac but was going too fast, lost control mid-corner, and rammed the curb. Quite a scene. Someone's yard is messed up and there is a compact SUV out there with it's steering rack and front suspension bashed to bits. Thanks to the driver for choosing to go left instead of right. Next time travel the speed limit and you'll be all set behind the peleton.
    For the sprint points, Mike McG took the turnaround. It was a very close one between Little T and Brian Girard at the Stop n Sprint, and Big Red rolled away for the final sit n sprint. But again, technically, there was a break up the road.

Ride safe everyone...