A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 1st

BIG group out tonight…. Maybe 70 guys and a few new girls on the ride too. It seemed to be almost like a end of the summer ride….. With only a couple of guys going up to VT for the Green MNT stage race, most racing seasons are over and so the only reason to go fast is of course… The Tuesday Night Throwdown!

Soon off route 10, Guido and Dillon P rode off the front and they had Chris C, Hunter P and Julio L chasing. Mike McG and Koski also moved up and it was blazin thru the crap section of Brooksvale Ave. Getting close to Mountain Road, The rider in the Landry’s kit was back up at front along with a couple other new faces. Chris C, Hunter P, and Julio L led the initial charge up onto Mountain Road with Chris C and Hunter getting a gap that was closed down within a half mile by Mike McG, French Casey, Koski, etc. The rest of the ride down Mountain road was decently quick. Chris B shat pure power near the end leading out the final half mile, probably in pursuit of the elusive green-light-means-go.

Moss farms was a gravel driveway in the name of road improvement, so the speed turned to “aggressive neutral” though that section. French Casey unfortunately got hit with a flat. Once the road got good, it was Hacker and Empire Matt moving to and then off the front a little, Ciocci, Todd H, and Hunter P were hovering close behind, careful to not let that get ugly fast. Hacker charged up the hill to Marion, as things got kinda strung out behind him. This led to Hunter P, Guido and Gregg F getting a gap and going to work with it. It was short lived as they got caught right after the industrial short loop turn off. More than the usual amount turned off for the short loop., including some bruisers who usually are straight. Talk of this being the final week of the long loop filed thru the peleton.

Before getting to route 322, Joe K had a chance to jump of the front and he was joined by Hacker and a couple of others but all had to stop for the light. Onto Mount Vernon Rd were Matt S from CCR was up front along with Hunter P and Stage one guys. The ride down Vernon was ok, there was some sloppy rotating going on and a brief attack off the front by Hunter P before the steady uphill section. That led to Joe K getting in a counter attack effort and he was able to hold that for a while. It came down to Chris C and Todd H to close the gap down as everyone seemed to be getting ready for the turnaround back south. Just as the front was coming back all together, Hacker jumped up sensing an opportunity. His chain jammed up tho, bringing some type of salvation to those that would have to chase him down. The front of the ride slowed a bit in a lame attempt at waiting from him. Gregg F, Jacinto, Hunter P and a couple of others led everyone onto Welch Rd. Gregg F kept the speed good going up to the base of the climb just as Chris B and Ken just Ken charged up and off the front, then it was Mike McG, a couple of others (???) and then Hacker, and Hunter P heading into the corner fast. Hacker had to jump to catch Mike and he had hunter right on his wheel. Soon it was just Mike, Hacker and Hunter heading to the sprint point. Hunter was able to come out of the draft and jump around for the sprint, going past Mike.

There were some guys (Steve Gray, Little T, Matt S etc) willing to drill it in between lights heading back to Cheshire, so it stayed interesting. Empire Matt actually sorta attacked on the descent of the last part of West St, taking a rider from Central Wheel with him. The two had a gap and traffic at the light on Marion let them open it up a little more. Once thru the traffic, it was Guido, Hunter P, Texas Rodhouse, Jacinto and one more new guy, working together to try to bring the gap down. That effort got disrupted on the little hill by the underpass on Canal St which let Gregg F get involved. Up the road, the leaders made it thru the light on 322 while everyone else of course had to stop.

The rest of the way to route 10 was normal. Little T and Hunter P led everyone up Peck Lane as Ken just Ken was hit with a dropped chain. Empire Matt and the Central Wheel rider decided to hold up and wait… A sporting move on their part. There was more traffic as everyone was turning onto Route 10, and then another red light before the Sprint… Once it got going, Mike McG was flying at the front, with Hacker, Little T, Chris C and a couple of others behind, ready to go. This one was all Little T, keeping Hacker at bay despite a red light at the top of the hill.

More red lights thru Cheshire…. Red lights on top of red lights, showing that the long loop and school days don’t mix well together. Then, it seems Time Trial Pete, testing the "new" 80 year old fabric Skinsuit, designed to mimic the taunt skin of an 80 year old, escaped thru a light in the center of Cheshire. He got through the light with Eric M and one other rider... With the peleton stopping for the light, that was all the gap they needed to stay away, fair & very square style. Behind, things ramped up again with Rondo, and Mike McG at the front, putting everyone behind in work mode. Heading into the final Kilo, it was a free for all, as Mike McG turned in a good effort and cleared out with plenty of road to go. Then it was Hacker, driving the front and pulling the rip cord. Then it was Peter P’s turn. This all led to more than the usual guys with a chance at it. Even so, Little T was able to come around Julio L in time to wrap things up. But give this one to the eternally suffering TT Pete... Good job boys.