A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 15th

Sniff Sniff, we miss the long (easier) loop

A good sized group out tonight and right from the start there was a group that was threatening to pull off the front… Julio L and John Gregory the main offenders among them.

But things settled down quickly, even tho the the pace was “tense” for a while. Eric M took over pace making along with VQ Rob. And soon enough, Mike McG and winter racer Kurt Davis were heading up to the front and turning the microwave to “defrost” mode. Cruising up Mountain road, Kurt D led for a healthy spell and by the second set of risers was starting to lead a small group off the front. Chris C, Tall John, Steve Grey, Ciocci, Tim Ratatata among the guys up front putting down a strong tempo. Then nearing the end of Mountain Rd, another group almost got free, no doubt looking for green daylight, but everyone stopped for the light on route 68.

Kurt D went straight to the front on Moss Farms and took Hunter P and T. Ratta along with him. The 3 went to work together but were being given zero to none leeway from the leaders of the peleton. Mike McG and Chris C among the ones keeping it close. The trio up the road wouldn’t fade easily and so the pace heading to the Chicane was brisk to say the least. Once caught, Davis wasn’t yet done and continued to stay near the front and help things move along with plenty of fiber. After that stretch, things calmed down and slowed down leading into the Chicane and no one was there to really drill it. Mike MaHoney, Eric M and Ciocci (?) were up there bringing everyone thru. Once everyone made it safely thru the turn into the industrial park things got going again with Little T and Ratta trying to separate themselves…. Crazy Chris, Julio L and a couple of others were up there as well and for a moment it looked like they may succeed in at least getting to West Johnson Ave with a gap but things slowed down a bit, no doubt due to Ratta’s short ride virginity. Next was Davis as he accelerated up the first initial risers of West Johnson. He took along a couple of Stage 3 guys (?) but that fizzed out by going thru the intersection of Peck Lane. Rondo took a dig, no doubt using that extra time he spent on the short bus kicking butt with the other “B ride” riders to his advantage. He looked like he was in a decent position to go for it as he went up the initial part of Reinhart with a few seconds but that evaporated pretty quickly as Little T sped off with Mike McG and Hunter P in tow. Those 3 took off and stayed exactly in that order as Little T kept on the gas all the way to the corner, leading out and winning the sprint in impressive fashion.

On the backside it all came back together before Peck Ln. Heading up to route 10 Julio L and Chris C obviously hatched some type of plan and were gunning it before and into the corner. Ratta, just looking to not go slow, jumped on and the 3 had a gap of maybe 7 seconds at the base of the hill by Cheshire Park. Hunter P jumped from the front of the rest and bridged up just as it was coming apart. Ratta sensed the hesitation and attacked the front, riding off alone. The Peleton was going up to the leaders, led by a host of guys, VQ Rob, Guido, Ciocci, Bergie, Mike McG, Little T etc. Hats off to Robyn as well for staying right up there close to the front, all ride long for the most part. Ratta got thru the first light on Route 10 as everyone behind had to stop. He soft pedaled after that and let everyone catch back on. Super sporting of him as he no doubt could have given it a fair & square run the whole way to the Stop n Shop sprint with the gap he had.

Once it came back together the pace went up again as it was single file to the sprint with only a few guys in position with the speed to contest it. Ratta, Mike McG, Hunter P, Julio, Chris C, and 1 or 2 more with a chance. In the end it was Ratta leading out Little T which is never gonna end pretty and Little T came around easily to secure more “Green SG Tee Shirt” points.

Heading back to Hamden was normal. We think there was some scheming being done again by TT Pete and Guido but any gap off the front they had was small & brief. It got a little clogged up in the finale after Curt D put in his final 2 cents worth and pulled off. With one on to follow, it slowed and then with Mike McG and Little T air ramming the left side, that was the place to be… Julio was up there? Or was it VQ Rob? Either way Little t got it and rounded out the hat trick for the night. Making up for last week’s debacle.

Good ride and a thanks to Curt D for helping make it a proper fast ride.