A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 10th

Faster then last week? Is it tuesday? Yes and yes

It was another strong crowd out tonight. All the usuals... The Yalies were on vacation but we got a couple of new faces to fill in for them.
     Just like last week, no one was interested in warming up any more then was needed. VQ Rob was the  first to have a go, getting an early bird gap that would hol for a kilo. Aidan was the next to jump a few minutes later. Hunter P and Dillon P went after him and that got things going. Eric M, tore off a slight gap going into the crap road section with Chris C and company chasing. By the next corner it was all together. Aidan and Eric M stayed up front, making sure no one went to sleep behind. BenGe, Joe K, and a Stage one guy ( Todd H?, Dave?!!)  hit the front after that and rolled off a gap as the ride made its way to Mountain Rd. The improbable trio held onto the gap for a decent amount of road, getting caught on the first riser on Mountain. In the dance off, it was Mahoney's turn, and he pushed the door open a bit with help from Eric M, Aidan, Richie Sachs Chris, Koski and Steve Grey. That was brought back by the end of the risers section just in time for Eddy A to collect his Padawan; "Air" Jordan Lynn and make a trench run to the front. Eddy A was bullish for nearly a kilo, not slowing to let anyone by. After he was done, Steve Grey, Todd H, Hunter P and Chris C rolled the group up to the red light on route 68.
   Onto Moss Farms where Aidan, as training in anticipation for the CX season, sprinted things to a start right off the line. Hacker and Eric M were wise to it, and didnt let any gaps open up.... except for the ones behind them. After everyone got a chance to adjust, a few more guys came up and did the heavy lifting at the front. Weaver, Mike McG, Bob "club Fit" German, Hunter P, Little T, Air Jordan, Todd H and Jeff "the businessman" Gelt to lead everyone into the Chicane. Hacker started the approach up to Marion Ave, but it stayed pretty calm as the ride came up to and past the industrial park. Coming up to Route 322 Sasha from CCB attacked taking a couple of guys along. No one was getting fooled by that and there was a quick scramble to jump up and match the pace.
    Once the light went green, Aidan and Sasha stayed on the throttle and were responsible for sending a couple of riders out the back. That turned into a foursome off the front as everyone went thru the corner of Mount Vernon Road. Jacinto, Hacker, BenGe, and Sasha had a small, but workable gap as the headwind started to pick up. Behind, Steve Gray, Eric M, VQ Rob, and Hunter P worked to bring them back. BenGe fell off the pace, as Weaver and a couple of others worked off the front to close the gap, eventually the break up the road was broken up and there were guys all over the place. In theory, it would have been a great time to attack, but the headwind was taking its toll and it came all back together in time to hit the false flat. Mike McG gunned it hard enough to get off the front, taking along the mini Peter P ( Jordan Lynn ) and Mahoney ( to even up the score with you know who ). Eddy A sensing an opportunity to lead by example, lit the burners to close the gap, taking along Chris C and Hunter P with him. Soon after the climbing stopped,everyone came together, making it 6 off the front. A dangerous group, with a lot of guys feeling the effort back in the Peleton. It wouldnt be given much room though, and Aidan, Eric M, and Steve Grey and a couple of others brought it back soon after. Everyone took a bit of a breather as the turnaround was coming up. Turning the corner onto Welch, Hacker and Larry M attacked, getting a gap pretty quickly. BenGe, Todd H and Ferraro tried to jump across but came up short. Weaver moved up to set pace for Eric M as it became apparent that the break wasnt going to stay out there. LIttle T then jumped hard 30 meters from the corner and quickly made it across to Hacker and Larry. He left without saying goodbye or signing anyone up to come along, but it seemed a little too far to go all in. Behind, Eric M and Chris C kept up the tempo but in a few hot seconds it became apparent that no one would catch T. So a hearty high five to him for sticking this one.... Oh and yea, he won the Masters Sterling Race.
   On the backside, it all came back together, but with CCB and Hacker up there drilling it, it wasnt easy. Thus started the slow section of the ride.... NO wait, Aidan is going again. This time Tall John was with him right away and the 2 peeled off a couple of guys, Hunter P,  John Pescatore, Hacker and Bike Shop Bob. So that kept it interesting heading downhill to the corner. Once pass the 84 exit ramp, Aidan stayed up front and kept it spirited. It stayed fast all the way up to the 322 crossing with Mike McG, Bike Shop Bob, VQ Rob, CCB, Jacinto, etc going hard.
   Nothing to report until Hacker attacked hard going up Peck Ln, looking to take advantage of the tail wind. Eric M, Aidan, Sasha, Hunter P and a new Central Wheel rider were right on that, but more guys were being put thru the ringer behind. Hacker stayed just out front, bringing everyone up to the road construction at speed. Cash register bells ringing for Bike Shop Bob and Dillon P as guys bikes were taking unexpected hits. A couple of guys got flats (?). Meanwhile the CCB was drilling it up front and ended up hitting route 10 with a 30 meter gap as Todd H, Central Wheel, and Chris C chased. Sasha kept on the gas 110% going up past cheshire park as Central wheel, Hunter P and Crowle buried it to close the gap. The catch was made half a kilo past the hill just as everyone was teetering on the edge of scorched. A red light stopped everyone before the Stop n Sprint point. A small group containing Eric M and Jacinto jumped right off the red light looking to surprise everyone. Aidan gave chase and that kept it all together but the trick worked. Eric M got the best look at the sprint, and was able to stay out in front of Aidan and Hacker for the points.
   The usual full-on escape tactics ensued thru cheshire but no one was able to get away. The ride back was nice and fast. Jacinto tried some last minute stuff, taking Eric M with him up but it got rounded up and there was a big group riding the last meters together. Up the hill, Mahoney got snuffed out midway up as Larry M rode away from Hunter P with Steve Grey on his 6. Those two crested the hill together with Ferraro, the new Central wheel guy and other guy also going up the hill. Phew.... Time for a break....