A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 18th

Enthusiasm for the SG ride as low as the temps...

Another small group out for the 5:30 departure time as everyone wonders where the heck is Spring. Two guys who weren't slowing down for the slower riders were Chris C and Mike McG. They led the charge right off route 10 and nearly split the field shortly into the ride. Head's up riding from New Guy Rob and Hunter kept the ride together and it was all together going over the crap road section. The pace stayed high thanks to those 2, along with occasional digs from Tall John (who needs only one cog to make you feel slow). Surges, and strong pulls on mountain road put the field in duress, but no one was throwing the heavy hammer attack into it, allowing things to stay together. Jordan Lynn joined up at the light for Route 68/70, adding to some force up front fro the way down Moss Farms, but again, most everyone was able to hang.
    Chris C sped off the front as the ride came up and made a right onto Marion. Mike McG, Jacinto, Hunter P, and Little T (good to see him out there) all joined and that made for a small group with a gap heading into the industrial park, but the peleton behind kept on the pressure and re-joined by the corner of West Johnson.
    As the ride headed up the small risers there, everyone stayed together but it was clear guys were getting ready to jump. As the ride got thru the 4-way intersection, Chris C, Jacinto and Jordan L were up front and pushing the pace. New Guy Rob and the rider on the old LeMond were also up there at attention. As the leading group of Chris C, Jacinto, Jordan L, Mike McG, and Hunter P turned onto Reinhard, it was clear that it was down to just those 5 for the sprint. Chris C was the first to jump at pretty much the earliest point possible. Hunter P was next to go and was able to clear the rest and come around Chris C with space to spare. On the backside, that group of sprinters had a big gap and was able to softpedal to Peck ln and still have a gap going up the false flat there.
     Chris C and Mike McG stayed up front for the ride back onto Route 10 and southward. The peleton came together slightly heading into the Stop n Sprint point. Little T stayed seated and was able to ride off the front early on. Jacinto responded but both were held up by a red light at the top of the hill.
    From there, the ride back into Hamden was pretty standard stuff. No surprises, no attacks, no incidents. LIttle T got a good slingshot at the final moment to come around the 2 or 3 guys that put up a fight (The Gibertoni, LeMond Rider, Steve Suto etc)

Good ride everyone.... Great ride to those few that pushed the pace for the night.

6PM projected ride time next week everyone.... Guaranteed better weather!