A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 17th

The Diuretic edition of the SG ride!

Good ride tonight with a decent group out. Good to see Robyn out on the bike hanging with the best of the best ( or something like that ).

     Right as soon as the ride left route 10, Divine Electric moved to the front and layed down a solid pace, stretching things out all the way till over the crap road. Then OttoX and Hacker took over, keeping the pace crisp and well startched for another street's worth. Hunter P and Mike McG were chipping in as well as the Big Nortonowski. Chris C jumped up on North Brookvale and O'Shea, Ciocci, and Koski went with. That four took advantage of the corner and everyone getting back up to speed. They soon had a solid gap heading to Mountain Rd. Behind, the Full Nalini, OttoX, Divine, and others led the chase once it got going.
The break hit Mountain rd with only a few seconds. O'Shea came back to the pack, with Chris C and others still on the gas past the initial risers. The break looked to have a good gap but it seemed like there wasn’t too much alarm in the pack as guys were added up the horsepower up front and behind. Guido doesn't give a flip about what's under your hood and so he jumped up on the second set of risers and took along Hacker. They overhauled the front group and were quickly off on their own. The move was enough to get Eric M off the front and he soon bridged up making it a dangerous 3 up front. For certain that was not going to go unchallenged and the main chase came quickly from Yelle!Snoop. He pulled for a solid 750 meters halving the gap. Mike McG chipped in along with CxChris, A tall new guys in white, Todd H, Joe K and HunterP. Joe K and Hunter P kept it up after the catch with a leadout for the light perhaps in the works. CxChris sees all and was on that move, making it Hunter P, OttoX and CxC the best to catch the light but it was red.
       Hacker timed the light well and went thru at good speed, giving him a great jump on his signature dish, Moss Farms Attackeroni. He worked up a solid 25 second lead as Yelle!Snoop, Guido, OttoX, Divine and a couple of others ramped up the speed. Once things settled down in the chase, Tall Dennis and Todd H jumped off the front and were allowed to close the distance to Hacker, who probably sat up and led the 2 latch on for the long haul. The 3 worked up a gap and hit Marion with 15-20 seconds. Behind Hunter P brought the field up the hill along with OttoX and CxChris.
      Once onto Marion, others jumped in and soon were reeling in the front 3. The break lasted to the highway overpass. For the weekly “sprint to the red light” Eric M once again launched with Chris C. The field wasn't too far behind and the light was red.
      Onto Mount Vernon where the main attack came from Tall John and Larry M who rolled off the front early on and took along Tri Doug. That trio worked up a good gap before Mike Norton tried to bridge by the ski slopes and then Yelle!Snoop decided to attempt an intercept, but got stuck in between. The pace was high leading to the false flat with the gap coming down the whole time. Credit goes to the trio for impressively staying away but it started to break apart after the fast climbing. Behind Joe k and Chris C turned good pulls to bring them close. Guido buttoned things up just after the false flat, riding up and thru the front only to find Tall John the lone guy willing to press on. There were stragglers a-plenty though with no one putting down the bone-crusher. It was bunch together till the Welch and the turnaround.
       Despite several guys keeping the speed respectable on the run in the hill, Hacker had a go off the front but was on his way to being brought back before the corner thanks to Norton, The Seryak, Ciocci, Divine and Mike McG. Chris B led up and thru the corner and was pushing hard to get a gap for West St. He succeeded, hammering out less then 30 meters as Divine led a small group of about 6. Mike McG was the next to surge bringing along only Eric M and Hunter P. Chris B had a long way to go but was still just off the front. Eric M had to close the final gap down as Hunter P wasn't going to chase his teammate. Chris B got caught just in time for the sprint, which Hunter grabbed with room to spare, taking it over Eric M.
       It came back together on the backside and there were no attacks until after 322. Guido and Thomaas B rolled off the front after the light and got onto Peck Lane with a good gap. They were joined by Central Wheel Gary (?) and a new guy in all black, Arizona Joe. The group rolled up Peck and then Sandbank just outta reach of the peleton. As the corner for route 10 came up, it was only Guido and Arizona Joe left, with Chris B successfully bridging up from the pack. Chris B went straight to work, dragging the break up the hill by Cheshire Park and then settling in with all 3 doing good work. Behind, the Zane's leadout train was coming together and the gap looked to be manageable. The peleton just snuck under a light but got stuck at the last one before the sprint, giving the prize to the break for certain. In the break Guido called for a truce but Arizona Joe, with having done only 1other SG ride, was wise to the opportunity and easily got the sprint ahead of a charging Chris B.
       Behind the trio, now split apart by the sprint, a couple of guys were flying across the gap with the long ball in mind, Eric M and Todd H being primary instigators. Eric M rolled thru a red light in the center of town, much the to chagrin of others behind. He was by himself and that does provide a chance for some rule bending but no one seemed to appreciate that this time around. However, it was all Eric needed to strike out on his own to make it back solo. He was not out of view yet when he snuck thru another light, causing more grumbling under breath back in the pack, which seemed to get snagged by more lights then usual this week. Eric M rolled home alone while the pack finished like it usually does. Up the hill, Chris B used great position up front to get a good jump and was easily able to hold back Dillon P, Hunter P and C-Dale Rick.