A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 24th

The SG Ride.... It won't be cancelled for "weather"

    Small(ish) crowds out for the ride tonight. The cold may have kept folks away. 19 or 20 riders rolled out of the parking lot. A couple of guys charged right down route 10 but after turning off route 10, it was all together. Dillon P took off first, with Chris C and Rob Dux soon to join. Everyone else was quick to respond and the pace got going. The ride stayed together for a hot minute or 2, then Chris C jumped off the front. Hunter P went along as well and those 2 maglev railed the 750 meters or so. Mike McG jumped across the gap later on but a slow corner on North Brooksvale brought everyone back together for the most part. Gibertoni hit the front and kept the pressure on, as well as Chris C. Behind the damage was being done as riders were not too quick to cover gaps. One more fast surge up front from Gibertoni as the ride came up on Mountain rd, was enough to split the group for good.
    Once on Mountain rd, Joe K rolled off the front as the next 7 or 8 guys trickled thru the corner. Hunter P jumped up to bridge the gap to the flying Joe K and those 2 had a gap that they would hold all the way to the light on route 68/70. A chase group of 7 or so formed quickly behind them and Chris C, The Full Nalini, Rusty and Mike McG rolled hard enough to bring the gap down to 50 meters or so by the light.
    Once the group was all back together, the pace calmed down. Behind, what was left of the peleton made it thru the light and has a visual on the lead group, but was not going to make any progress on catching it.
     On the way to the industrial park, the lead group picked up Jordan L. Gibertoni took a flyer along with Burgiebaby, but it ended up being Chris C who led all up the riser to Marion. From there the pace stayed high and there was nary a law enforcement agent in sight. Once onto West Johnson, Jordan L took a bit of a flyer, but Chris C and Joe K kept the group in check. Chris C would actually do most of the work up to Reinhard. Joe K was there, The Full Nalini as well. Gibertoni would jump first and right on his tail was Mike McG. Mike pulled up as his leg was giving him problems. Hunter P covered the gap and chased down Gibertoni in time for the corner. Everyone came back together on the backside.
     On Peck Ln, riders from the peleton group who shortcut-ted were being caught by the lead group here and there. No one seemed to mind though as the same strong guys who pushed the break did most of the work up front for the return trip. For the run in to Stop n Shop, Rob Dux slipped off the front a couple of lights before the sprint hill. He gave it everything but without a sprint kick, the group behind slowly brought him back. Chris C was the only one to jump out and he caught Rob with a few bike lengths to spare.
    Heading thru the lights of Cheshire, Burgiebaby slipped away off the front and caught one or 2 more lights. He would be wrangled back by a recharged group halfway back into Hamden. For the finale, Mike McG put in a solid leadout, leaving Gibertoni and the Full Nalini to duke it out. Full Nalini gets this one by slipping around just at the end.
     It will be warmer next week... Guaranteed!!!