A running account of the "race without an entry fee"..... The Tuesday night ride

Tuesday the 26th

Withdrawal from the SGR kicks in hard right around Thursday mid morning for most.

   With each week we get closer to some final rides.... Guido's final ride.... The final ride of the summer.... Plenty of riders were out on Tuesday to enjoy the great weather and declining daylight. Still ample time to enjoy the long loop and generally the ride was quick tonight. More than a few riders had to slow/stop for issues during the crap road section early on. Then Chris C got a flat at the end of Mountain Rd.
   After that the usual guys were up front drilling it... Jordan L, Gary B(!), Sasha from CCB, Hunter P, Rob Dux, Burgiebaby, Team Nuemotion and a couple of others. Attacks were made, none really stuck. Mike McG won the war of attrition for the midpoint, into-the-wind sprint. Couple of more attacks on the way back into Cheshire. Christiano from Honduras went ballistic on the hill up past Cheshire Park and got a gap. He was assisted early on by couple of red lights for the field and rolled away with not only the Stop n Sprint point but kept on going all the way to the bank! Nice job riding aggressively on his part!
    Behind, the field knew it would be racing for second but still ramped up the speed once thru the lights of Cheshire. Guido uncorked a monster effort that took 5 or 6 riders off the front with about 2k to go. Soon after there was a high speed crash when a panicked rider swerved and slowed, taking out Hunter P and 2 others in the process. All besides Hunter P were able to eventually continue in order to finish out the ride. 
    Let's hope it doesn't affect next week's ride too much.

Tuesday the 19th

The missing week......

Gibertoni! Gibertoni! Gibertoni! Gibertoni! Gibertoni!
He is well on his way to upgrading to Cat3. 
Burgiebaby! Burgiebaby! Burgiebaby! Burgiebaby!
Because the SG ride will always need a strong rider to yell at.